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Vivid dreams & lack of sleep
11 Replies
hollowsnothorcruxes - August 6

Hi, I'm new to this site & I'm really loving reading about real people with the same problems as me.

I was wondering if anyone else has vivid dreams as part of their fibromyalgia. I have 4-6 super vivid dreams that wake me every night. Sometimes it takes an hour to fall back asleep. The dream usually ends with something scary or surprising. My mind can't calm back down afterwards. I read a thread about the paralysis, it's not like that, I can move as soon as I'm conscious. My rheumatologist thinks the lack of sleep is causing my FMS.

I've tried melatonin, it makes me sleepy, but I still dream. I have also tried over the counter sleep aids. They stop the dreams, but make me sleep for 10-12 hrs, even if I take only half a pill. I just started ambien; it makes my dreams less vivid, but it doesn't make me sleepy.

So I really have 2 questions: does this happen to anyone else & if so have you found anything that helps?


Noca - August 6

I've tried about 15 different sleep aids so far. I am currently on 1-2mg Xanax a night. My problem is falling asleep, not staying asleep. I've had insomnia for about 5 years now. I remember a time when I used to enjoy sleeping, now the whole process is just a pain. The strongest sleep aid I've ever tried was Zopiclone, but it only worked daily for up to 6 months before I was totally tolerant to it.


Katzra - August 6

I have vivid dreams most nights. I really enjoy them though. The only bad thing about them is that I want to go back to sleep to experience more of it. Sorry I can't help you with any method to get rid of them. But, you are not the only one experiencing those kinds of dreams.


Noca - August 7

Are you on any anti-depressants? Almost all of them can cause vivid dreams.


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 7

I had read something talking about vivid dreams & anti-drepressants, but I don't take any. I've always had them, but it used to be 1-2 a night, now it's more like 4-6 a night. They really bother me because they're so real. And my meds make my waking life seem dream-like, so now I'm confusing my dreams & reality. Or if I remember something, I can't always tell if it was a dream or reality. It's very disorienting. The increase in dreams began about a month before my pain was severe enough for me to see my doctor. The only thing I can think of as a cause is stress. I also read that eating too late can cause it, so tonight we ate earlier. I'm just frustrated. It is good to know someone else gets dreams like that. But you enjoy them? Do they end ok? Mine go along like normal life, and at the end something happens like I see a little bug on the other side of the room, it starts flying toward me, but as it flies it gets huge, and I wake up right before it hits. And then I'm wide awake, I check the room for bugs.


Noca - August 7

"Or if I remember something, I can't always tell if it was a dream or reality." I have the same problem. I can't differentiate between dream memories and reality, if something really happened or not, thus causing more problems in everyday life.


Katzra - August 8

My dreams usually aren't realistic in nature, however, sometimes they seem real...if that makes any sense. Sometimes they scare me awake. Other times I can't tell if they really happened, but that doesn't happen often. I do really like how vivid and real they seem, I don't feel pain in the dreams and am usually able to do things I can't do in real life, maybe that is why I like them so much. Thinking about all this I haven't been remembering my dreams lately. I am not sure what I have been doing differently. I don't take prescription meds, only aspirin with caffeine. I have been taking hot showers before I go to bed...maybe that is relaxing my mind before going to sleep. I don't know...


sleepingin91 - August 8

Oh wow! You sound like me! I have multiple vivid dreams a night as well, I wake up after them and have a lot of trouble falling back to sleep. I have only just been diagnosed so I am yet to be medicated. I have always wondered whether my fatigue is due to the vivid dreams.

Last night was strange for me though, I was woken up by pain in my wrists, so strong I thought the bones were broken! It's never happened to me before! Do pains often wake any of you guys up?


Katzra - August 8

Neck pains often wake me up. But worse than that, if there is a wrinkle in the blanket and I roll over onto it on my side or back it hurts and wakes me up. My hips and SI joints are my worse tender spots, so the lightest touch hurts really bad. I haven't had any pains in my wrists or hands wake me though.


toots2889 - August 8

I just had a wild dream the other night. It was so real you guys, I swear, Im gonna have a hard time telling it. I had a dream that I was in an accident in my husbands vechile. I was a passenger and my side was the one that took the impact. I remember every aspect of the dream, to them getting me out, to the ambulance ride, and finally the hospital. I died and remember every aspect of dying. I remember everything that I saw and felt when i died. I remember my family standing over me before I died, and them begging for me not to go. I swear you guys, it was like i really died. People have said what has happened to them when theyve died & come back. I had that. I remember my heart stopping, me trying to stay for my kids, then a sense of calming. I saw a vision, it wasnt so much a light, but a tunnel. It was bright grey and cloudy looking, and i could see people. My body felt weird, full of emotion, and a sense of peacefullness. Then it was like they were telling me it wasnt time yet, and sent me back. When I woke up i was so freaked, and didnt know where i was. I had to get up and sit up for awhile to let it sink in, that it was a dream. I know some of you will think im crazy, but if what i experinced in my dream is anything like what really happens, i look forward to when it is my time. I wish i could descibe it better but i cant.


Katzra - August 9

I do not think you are crazy. Dreams are intriguing to me. I just wonder why we dream what we dream.


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 11

Thank you all. It's comforting to know it's not just me. I also have pains that wake me, but it happens a lot less with pain killers before bed. I have them in wrists, elbows, lower back, ankles & toes. From what I've gathered, it's from the nerves there telling my brain I have more pain there than normal, if that makes sense.



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