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Vitamin Deficiency
6 Replies
Jean - September 18

anyone had a vitamin D test. Vitamin D deficiency, if you look it up can cause diarhea/constipation, muslce pain and weakness. Get this checked for your own information. Doctors do not do this usually, Why?


nora - September 11

i suffer from ibs, how do i check to see if i have a deficincy? thanks.


jean - September 13

Have your Rheumatologist run a vitamin D blood test, it's very simple...I was also told to drink a quart of milk a day, go figure, could help the IBS!!!!


Lynne - September 14

It could help unless your lactose intolerant.


Michelle - September 16

my Vitamin D wasn't checked until I saw a Rheumatologist- it was only 22 - he said it should be at least 30, and now they recommend 50 for women. I started taking supplements along with my reg. multi-vitamin, and I noticed improvement after about 2 months. I had pretty severe muscle weakness and twitching. The weakness is about 50% better. and the twitching has almost completely stopped. I had a gastric bypass 6 years ago, so I have trouble absorbing nutrients. I feel there my be a connection between Gastric Bypass weight loss and developing Fibro - but I haven't found anyone else with a similar history.


Jean - September 18

I think that Fibro is still as mysterious as it was and has been from the beginning when it was named. I think doctors have become well aware of the many similarities to other illness this has taken on and in turn has made this a great money market. I do think we all suffer from this fibromyalgia but are the doctors doing their best to treat us or continue leading us on with the many symptoms. They say it is not inflammatory but they also say that flu-like symptoms are part of this. Inflammation also has flu-like symptoms. Anything with a -itis is inflammatory.... Not to make things light but I think we should ask the hard questions and make sure the treatment is the right treatment. I believe that some of the medication given produces more symptoms that coincide with Fibromyalgia and MS and anything else we are so afraid of because tests show nothing. If you come right down to it see if you can get off the medication and see how you do. I did and started taking aspirin and it has helped no more than any other medication given. Save money and find the right treatment....


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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