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Vitamin D Help
4 Replies
brooksidefarm - November 2

Hi all. Some of you may have read where I started taking mega doses of Vitamin B and my joint pain is relieved. Still muscle ache, but joints are better. Well, turns out B-12 helps with myelin. That is the coating around each nerve ending that helps us tolerate pain. New studies show that FMS patients have low myelin. Well, went to my MD Tuesday for a checkup and he said he was just at a conference and went to some FMS talks. He said a new common thread found is that FMS patients are low in Vitamin D, which helps fuel muscles - hence pain! So, he tested me and said that if I was a little low I could get some supplements and see if that helped. Two days later I got a call. I am not just low - but super low!! Optium blood levels of D is 80, acceptable is 30 - 80, I am at 17!! He prescribed 50,000 units per week for 8 weeks and I will be tested again. Then, I will also be tested for other Vitamin deficiency because it is unlikely to only be deficient in one area. I bought an encyclopedia of vitamins, herbs, and supplements that is nice because the author is not trying to sell anything of convince you of one thing or the other, but really details the function of all these items and cites studies of use. I am going to read all 700 pages and make lots of notes for my next test, so that I can help my doc as well. I do not take meds, so this will be good experimentation because there is nothing to react with. Prayerfully, I will have the same results as with the Vitamin B and joint pain. The more I learn, the more I think that yearly vitamin & mineral screenings, and blood checks would allow all of us to adjust our lifestyle and diets to be more healthy. There just in no money in that for a drug company right? Don't get me wrong, I have had 9 surgeries and am alive because of modern medicine, but I also have suffered great damage from drug side effects, so I am not going to go so easily down that path. At any rate, any input is welcome, I will let you know how it is going in a few weeks. Thank you all for this interaction! God bless you!


iliveinpain - November 3

I've also been given the prescription 50,000/week vitamin D supplements. I think if the weather would remain somewhat stable, I could report a happy ending to my fibro. I can usually go without meds alot of days, but if it rains or the temps change alot, I'm in a bad flare-up again. So, yes, I believe the vit. D does help, as I was also extremely difficient in that area when I had blood work done. When I started on the vit D. I also started up an otc DHEA supplement of 25 mg. a day, and xanax nightly for sleep. Plus I got my hormones somewhat regulated with a bio-identical patch and it's all coming together somewhat. Not that this is a cure by any means, I mean, I just got done popping my extra strength tylenol again!! I do however go for a massage therapy at least twice a month if the money allows, and the massage therapist I go to I see on a regular basis. She therefore has a somewhat intimate knowledge of my body and has told me that my spine is straighter, and I'm getting more blood flow circulation while she is working on me, so I guess something is happening finally. I've been to 3 different rhuemy's and the doctor who FINALLY helped me, with even considering testing for vit D levels, was my gynecologist!! Can you believe that? Let me know about the Vit D and how it works for you. I'm a believer in it, but it's only one of many things we have to try I guess. There are no miracles. I've also recently cut out aspertame from my diet, as I've ready alot of conflicting views on the safety of that and how it contributes to fibro pain. Just another thing to think about!!


brooksidefarm - November 3

Thanks liveinpain - that is good to hear. The B has really helped the joints. I am probably deficient in others areas as well, so we will see. I have also been told about massage and the new health insurance I will have in January will be covering it so I will add that in then. The weather gets me, I think it is humidity. I have tracked it and anything over 55% makes me hurt worse. Over 80% and I am in big trouble. We were in the mountains in Sept. at 6,000 ft and higher for a week and I felt fantastic! It was drier as well. Unfortunately I live at the IL/WI border and it is nearly always over 60 or 70% humidity. If I can get to where I can exercise that may help too. I have notice that my strength in my hands, back arms, etc. is down to almost ineffective. Too long of not doing any physical work or exercise I guess. Thanks for the input and I will keep you informed.


belle1329 - April 28

My gynecologist was the who found Ihad osteo, did a bone scan, she put me on boniva, had a severe reaction and then another kind and also had a reaction, Im going back to my rhumy who she refered me back to to try another kind once a year IV I hope this works but am worried that if its for a year If I have side effects will they last a looooong time?? I am also going to ask rhumy if he ever tested my Dlevels and B levels, he is the one who diagnosed my fibro he did do blood work but never mentined my D or B levels. Thanks for the info. Ill let u know more tomorrow and in the upcoming days withmy results, always helpful to come into this site


belle1329 - May 11

HI get my results tomorrow, i am not going to do those drugs for osteo (once a year and the other one that repairs the bones) one has bone tumor and cancer side effects the other has the same as boniva effects, dont now what ill do but I have to deside. Id like to try a natural route as Im looking into it. Let ya know. Thanks



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