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Vitamin D deficiency and chronic pain
5 Replies
kikafika321 - June 14

Just wanted to post this so that those who have chronic muscle tension and bone pain consider getting tested for vitamin D if they haven't done so already.

I've had muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, back (and hamstrings more recently) for at least three years, which had been getting progresively worse. Recent blood test indicated I was low on vitamin D (21 ng/mL). I was a bit surprised since I consider myself as someone who spends a reasonable amount of time outside and San Francisco gets a good amount of sun.

Six weeks ago I started taking a single weekly dose (50,000 IU) of vitamin D and since then I have noticed a remarkable improvement! The tension, stiffness and pain are pretty much gone now. I attribute the improvement to the vitamin D but will need to wait a bit longer before I can be completely certain.

I think it makes a lot of sense that those with unusual symptoms of chronic muscle tension and bone pain consider getting tested for vitamin D deficiency!!! My doctor said that a study on FM patients showed that a substantial portion of the patients experienced improvement with vitamin D supplementation.


kikafika321 - June 14

I can't figure out how to edit my post. I just wanted to clarify - I don't think/don't know whether FM is a result of vitamin D deficiency but it can't hurt to get tested.


axxie - June 15

Hello kikafika321

Welcome to our forum, I'm not sure if I've welcomed you or not. There are so many of us, that sometimes it's difficult to remember.

I have never put two and two together, but since I've started taking single dose of vit D, I have noticed that I did not hurt as much. I just tought that since I take Vit B12 (shots) 3ml once to twice a week (I'm B12 deficient), I have also taken everyday my folate, b12, b6, vit a, vit d and a multi-vitamin, fish oil and a pro-biotic that it was just my cymbalta doing it's job. Wow, it does give you a substantial improvement in overal health.

Had you not made this post, It would have taken me a long term to figure out this one.


Nicki523 - June 27

I recently have been told by my Doctor that I have low Vitamin D as well. I've been put on the same dose 50,000 IU for 3 weeks now. I haven't felt any changes yet.

I have many symptoms related to FM, my Doctor thinks it's just from low Vitamin D. So I'm just hanging out trying to wait for the Vitamin D pills to work or not work. Of course everyone thinks it's in your head or don't freak yourself out and read up on that stuff. But when you know it feels right, it probably is.

After I had my second baby a year and a half ago, I started feeling a burning sensation throughout my whole body. If the air is cold I feel it burning cold, almost like an IV going through my whole body but very uncomfortable. If it is hot it feels like I guess a hot IV going through my body. If someone has really cold hands and they touch my skin it hurts really bad, like someone put dry ice or something to my skin.

There is that saying tired to the bone. I finally know what that means. I felt like that the other night and thought something was majorly wrong, but I just have to deal with things like that.

I would say out of the FM Symptoms the only things I don't suffer from are headaches and really bad pain. If I set a weird way for too long and try to move I am so stiff and it hurts pretty bad and takes a while to go away. Sometimes my skin will get red if I hit it on something and it stays that way for a while and will go away as well.

So we'll see if it's just low Vitamin D or if I will end up going to see a neurologist.


luvgreatdanes - June 27

I was tested back in March 2009 for Vit. D. I also have to take 50000IU of Vit. D2 on a weekly basis. I have been taking it since March and still have another month left.

In the beginning i did see an improvement but then it was short lived. I am still in pain and severe fatigue, but I also have FM and Hashimotos. The D does help in the overall treatment along with Lyrica and Savella.


stfluffybrain - July 12

''50000IU of Vit. D2 ''

just to say the Vitamin D council lists studies on D2 and D3 and people who are using D2 'never' maintain the improvement as it is an inferior treatment to D3.

I have a friend who fully recovered from FM after raising to optimal levels of vitamin D. I have only just been diagnosed with Osteomalacia (adult rickets, low D, low calcium) please make sure when they test your D they do bone panels and test for parathyroid hormone.

Wish me luck I am on 50,000iu per week for a month then dropping the dose to fornightly then monthly with daily maintainance doses.
I find the replacement very painful and weakening, will see how I go. I could be vitamin D intollerent, I do hope not.

I still think everyone with weak or painful muscles and bones should get tested like Kikafika said.

luv Dawnx



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