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Visit to the pain clinic
11 Replies
islandguy - October 10

The pain clinic has set up a procedure called Lidocaine Subcutaneous for me for this week.
It is a freezing of the nervous they tell me.
Has anyone had this?
I am a fibro patient and my pain dr. tells me that this may work for me....!


sunglo - October 10

i use the lidocaine patches to help with pain but have not heard of this pro.and am interested in the outcome


Amyloo - October 10

Wow, sounds "cool"! (get it?!) Seriously it is nice to hear of something other than the usual narcotics for pain relief. I hope this works and want to hear how it turns out! Good luck. Amy


Gabbie - October 10

My rheum. prescribed the lidocaine cream which I use on the pressure points by the knees and I do get relief from it. I never heard of the procedure you are talking about but I would like to know what they do and how is may help you. I'm thinking it may be good since it uses the lidocaine. Please keep us informed.


islandguy - October 10

Tomorrow is the day so I will let you know how it comes out. The pain dr. told me that if it works I will be able to get rid of all my nauseating pills that usually keep me in this ill feeling.
Will keep you posted....


sunglo - October 11

please do Islandguy....i want to be off as much as possible and maybe this is something that will turn out great for you!...praying and waiting


islandguy - October 11

Well I am on the lidocaine subcutaneous drip right now. It is an I V that is placed under your muscle and you carry it around with you for 9 hours while it injects all the lidocaine into your system. As I am on the west coast I will have it attached to me for another 7 hours. Don't feel any difference yet but the nursing staff at the pain clinic tell me that it has helped many. If it does not satisfy my pain today I have to reschedule monday and they will increase my dose. If it works I do this every 3 weeks as that's as long as it lasts.
Will keep you posted on the results as they happen.


islandguy - October 14

Well to all and to is cool...(I got it! )
For the first time in many years I can actually say that my pain doctor has actually prescribed something that is working. I must say that I will have to have the dose adjusted but for what I received it was goooooood!!! The nerves have been frozen and the pain has gone down by at least 70 percent.
It needs to be done every three weeks to continue to be successful. But in the meantime I am almost off the meds!!! Woooo Hooooo! Maybe some of you would like to speak to your pain doctors about it. My guy says that the only place I can get this is at the pain clinic. Good luck to all...


sunglo - October 14

So happy for to the pain doc thurs and will ask about this..i so much would love to throw these bottles really sounds like progress iin fibro pain which we all this a shorttime treatment or someething u will have to do for a while?..i also have been reading on the Whitmad?..may have the name wrong..its also interesting..good luck to you!


Gabbie - October 14

And Woooo Hoooo to you toooo Islandguy! I can almost hear your joy. The treatment sounds really promising and I would love to hear how you are doing over the next 3 weeks. Oh, how I would love to have even one day without pain. Have you been to a rheum. and did they suggest pain management or is this two separate things? I would like to get more info but now sure which place to start. Thanks


islandguy - October 15

Gabbie: I have gone to the rheumy and all of that ....but fortunately my regular doctor and the pain specialist work out of the same clinic. My regular doctor set me up with the pain specialist and he has been feeding opeids to me and I have been objecting to the nausea and ill effects I get from them.
He then instructed me to sign up for the pain clinic where he also practices, because if I did, he could prescribe things for me that he could not out of his office. Hence I am a member of the pain clinic and that's where this treatment is available to me. Hope this helps with your visit to the dr.


Gabbie - October 16

Thanks for the info. The next time I see my rheum. I'm going to ask him about the procedure. In the meantime I hope that you continue to feel better and keep my fingers crossed that this pain management method is going to be a winner for you!



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