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Vision symptoms?
6 Replies
berly3 - June 18

Has there been any symptoms related to Fibromyalgia causing blurred vision or vision loss?


Rachel - June 12

I'm told that blurred vision and loss is a symptom of fibro. This from fellow sufferers I've met. Medical eye drs (my personal experience) don't acknowledge fms, just medical diseases of which I do have one. This only increases my vision loss. Go to an opthomologist and rule out everything else. Good luck.


Chris - June 12

I've had problems with my left eye, but I don't know if it's Fibro or not, I got checked for MS, but nothing showed up.


JJ - June 12

I am going to get my eyes looked at ASAP. On Friday, I had this strange episode of where my peripheral vision was all blurry and fluttery -- kind of how the surface of a swimming pool glistening in the sun looks. I did not have a headache, and it was just my peripheral vision. I was at work and could not drive home in that condition, so I just stayed at my desk and tried to rest my eyes and it gradually went away. I had a very mild episode of the same the next day (Sat.) but nothing again since.

Has anyone had symptoms like this? One co-worker told me it could be a migraine without the headache part. Another had his retina detach and said his symptoms were the same but just in the one eye with the detached retina.


Chris - June 12

Mine, in my left eye was like looking through a steamed window, it improved to where it's just blurry, but now I must wear glasses all the time. I was given an MRI, but nothing showed up. I've had a couple of other episodes of it, but it didn't last as long only half a day.


Jessie - June 13

It's also possible that blurred vision can be caused by your pain killer...My doctor put me on very large doses of ibuprofen and I started noticing changes in my vision. It turns out that it's a side-effect of the medecine (info I found both on my pharmacy help sheet and on WebMd.) Good luck.


Annie - June 18

I have, in my research, found visual problems are a common problem. I have had dry eye syndrome for several years. Sometimes my eyes are very sensitive to light. Sometimes I feel like I cant see as well, and in fact, dont read like I used to (ALL the time!) I havent read a book in ages.So, yes, visual problems are a part of this danged problem.



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