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Vision problems... HELP!
4 Replies
kerrya78 - January 6

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with FMS about a month ago after a long road of trying to figure out what's wrong. The symptom list is long, but I have one concern that is really scaring me and I cannot find a connection to FMS. For the past two and a half months, I've experienced sporadic, temporary, and very sudden spells of double vision. They only last about 2-5 minutes, and I've only had it happen about 6 or 7 times. Can someone please tell me this has happened to them with FMS? Or should I be seeking further medical care?

Thanks all! I need the advice right now.


Noca - January 6

Seek further medical care at once. Sudden vision spells can be signs of a stroke in severe cases.


axxie - January 6

One of the symptoms you mention indicates you might be having a stroke. This is a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. If you believe you are having a stroke you should seek immediate medical care.

Go to the emergency and seek help, I am hoping it is not but you want to be on safe side not on the wrong side.

Explain to the ER what happens to the er doctor about what you have had, and if there's color changes or swelling of your body or sharp pain on one side of the head or arms or legs.


Canada17 - January 6

This could be a sign of a very serious medical condition. I urge you to seek medical help right away.

Don't be afraid though. The outcome of ignoring the problem should scare you more than finding the cause.

Good luck.


kerrya78 - January 7

I was told before that its a symptom of a migraine, but I've never had a migraine in my life. In August I went to the er for sudden onset of numbness in my arm and face but all tests were clear. Now I'm experiencing this. I have an appt with the neurological doc tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. Keep you posted.



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