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Vision Problems
5 Replies
Debbie229 - January 26

Hi, I have had FM for about 2 1/2 yrs but it has gotten much worse this year and finally diagnosed. Started on Elavil last month with some relief, but noticed today that I have been having trouble focusing my vision, shortly after that had a whopper of a migraine. Has this happened to anyone else. Plan on making an appt with my eye doc tomorrow.


judi - January 26

yes, my vision fluctuates. It will be clear then blurry. At first I thought it was a side effect of my pain meds but now realize that is not the case. I have read that it is a symptom of FM. Hope we hear from others.


JJ1 - January 26

I have written off any vision-related problems to normal aging. I was not aware this was a Fibromyalgia symptom. I wear contacts, so any blurring I attributed to these. I am having increasing trouble with reading (require reading glasses when I am wearing my contacts but can read just fine without contacts). Still think this is due to normal aging, though.


Patrice - January 26

Debbie 229 ... I have had problems with my vision. Most of the times it's just trouble focusing. I used to wear contacts, but now my eyes are too dry to wear contacts. When my vision blurs, I take off my glasses, and sometimes I can see a little better, sometimes not. But the blurring goes away. One day I had the weirdest thing to happen with my vision. All of a sudden I started seeing double, as if my eyes had crossed, but they didn't. The double vision was very extreme! Then my chin, lips and nose became numb. The double vision was so bad I could not see where to step. I finally made it to bed and laid down for a while and closed my eyes. The double vision lasted for about 5 minutes, but the numbing lasted for about 30 minutes. Finally it all cleared up, and it hasn't happened since. I called my Rheumatolgist, and I was told it could be a "pre" mini stroke. They sent me to a Neurologist, who did tests. He said it must be due to the Fibromyalgia. No one knows what happened. It really scared me though. I have no idea what happened to me. It may just be one of those unexplainable things with FM. Let me know what your eye doctor has to say. I'm very interested. Thanks.


JJ1 - January 26

Patrice - There are many similarities between Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. A friend of mine with a very bad case of Lyme disease has had vision problems and numbness like you describe (along with a myriad of other serious problems). She actually wen blind temporarily. Have you been evaluated for Lyme disease?


Connie - January 26

This happens to me, but after so many years I've just learned to live with it. At the age of 53 those old reading glasses are ever close in numerous locations including the two up on my head. I find it difficult to focus at times, especially upon rising. So far it has remained about the same off and on for twenty years. I just try to concentrate on my task and it passes. My eye doctor, who does a good deal of surgery on various types of eye problems,told me this problem is not uncommon with FM. I felt much better after hearing that from a medical source. I also have the recommended vision check-ups with a medical doctor, not a vision tech. I pay the same, so I insist on the doctor because he has a broader base of knowledge.



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