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Violent Calf muscle fasciculations
3 Replies
denisekelley - October 10

Is anyone else have calf muscle fasciculations (spasms)? I was just diagnosed with Fibro & Peripheral Neuropathy. I am status post aggressive Chemo, last round 1.5 years ago and never recovered physically with a progressive downward spiral. Two months ago the calf muscle spasms started with very severe burning pain. Per my Neurologist I am having calf fasciculations with neuropathy. It is really bad at night resulting in no sleep. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? ? I am currently on Baclofen and Neurontin with slight but not complete relief.


ibritz - October 10

It's probably not the same, but I have had the same problem for years. When they get really bad, it's like I am frozen and can't move anypart of my body as it causes even more pain. I haven't had it for a while, but I increased my potassium and that helped a great deal. Check with your doctor if you even think of trying that. Too much potassium can be life threatening.


Gabbie - October 10

Yes, I have the spasms, more in the evening when I'm trying to relax. Sometimes it starts in my calves and continues down into my foot. My toes actually curl up in the weirdest way and I can't push them back down. I get up and although the pain can be excruciating, I force myself to walk because that seems to be the only way for me to stop the spasms.


Fantod - October 11

Yes, most of us have muscle spasms in varying intensity. You might try 825 Mg of Malic Acid which can be found in any decent health food store to relieve some of your symptoms. You could take that a couple of tiems a day. Plain old calcium tablets also work well to relax muscles. But, if you are considering calcium you will want to get a good Tri K vitamin so the calcium does not get into your bloodstream. I have used as mush as 4 tablets of calcium at a time and had good results. As with any homeopathic remedy, make sure you understand what you are using and the doseage. Take care.



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