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very short of breath, after exercising and eating makes it worse
7 Replies
Christian - September 1

how many of you get this.Its an absolutely awful feeling. I get it alot.Like right now. I have fms, been riding my bike to work last few days, about 40km per day.
anyhow sometimes once my muscles have been over worked, and or i have been stressed out from work.i feel very very short of breath, its almost scary. It also feels awful to eat..once i do..its a ver bad feeling..almost feels like you have to work to breathe.Your tired, but cant sleep and your heart is beating really fast, and you feel hot.
i hate this feeling.Its like a strong fatigue and very full feeling...dunno if its bloating.But one of the things i suffer most from with fms.Lucky for me i was pritty much able to conquer muscle pain with serious antioxidant treatment for about 2 yes.


Tim - August 26

Christian, yes I also get short of breath just talking sometimes, I never really thought about the stress element until you mentioned it. I think you are right for me also the stress does play a part in it. I first noticed the shortness of brath last year cleaning gutter preparing for winter thought I was having a heart attack, numerous tests later and its fibro. six months earlier could hike up a nine thousand foot mountain and be slightly winded. I am interested to know more about the anti oxidants. thanks


Virg - August 26

Hi Christian, I too would like to get data about
the anti oxidants. The bloating feeling was
a major for me too but started taking Orange
flavoured Metamucil smooth texture 3 times
a day to begin with and could have kicked my
self because Drs did perscribe it for me before


Michelle F - August 27

i get short of breath, also tend to hyperventilate or "shallow-breathe" - part of my anxiety issues, as well as fibro - please tell us more about the antioxidants??


dale - August 31

I also have all your symptoms.It is scary.


TERESA - September 1

Have you had your throid checked? The thyroid affects every system of your body in some way. Have you had any sudden weight loss or change in bowel habits? This sounds a a lot like symptoms I had. I was diagonsised with hyperthyoidism due to Grave's disease. I was extremely hyper but so very exhausted at the sametime! If you haven't had your thyroid checked, you really should! Hope this helps.


susan333 - November 11

I have suffered from shortness of breath for 12 months now and it is driving me crazy. I feel like I cannot get enough oxygen to my head. It is definatley worse when I am overstressed and my muscles are tightest. I have found futher details on the following sites: "The Final Frontier - the human brain", also on this website and on the fmaware website. Do a google search on breathing and fibromyalgia.

Unfortunately, I have not found the solution but somethings I find that help are: learing to breathe properly (this pushes the pain barrier though); massage to ribcage/chest and Baclofen taken at night time releases my muscles and I can breather again for a few hours in morning and I guess while I am sleeping.

I am now considering getting an oxygen tank for short-term relief and to boost my oxygen levels.

I agree with Virg about the Metamucil it works a treat for the bloating (but not the breathing).


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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