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Very Concerned
3 Replies
Concerned - June 30

My sister has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago and some of the symptoms she is having is very concerning to the family. We are trying to understand if in fact this is fibromyalgia related or another serious issue. The following is a general breakdown of what happens when my sister has these spells. They use to happen less frequently, but are now happening two to three times a day. When a spells hits her, she starts getting quiet, she starts having slurred speech, she becomes incoherent and is not able to focus or understand what anyone is saying while having one of these spells. If she walks during one of these spells, she is wobbly and and some times needs assistance with walking. If the spell happens while eating, she seems to get choked sometimes and her appetite seems to increase more than normal....she eats large portions of food. Typically, these spells last about 15 minutes. One spell lasted about 45 minutes and it was so bad that she couldn't even eat, chew or swallow....she had no idea what was going on and her eyes looked like they were glazed and she was going to pass out. Are these symptoms normal with extreme fibromyalgia??? Very concerned!


Fantod - June 30

Not as far as I am concerned. She needs to see a neurologist to see what is going on.

When was the last time anyone looked at her meds to see what she is taking and how much. Does she use the same pharmacy for everything? Do all of her doctors know what she is taking? It could be a drug interaction.

But, to me it really sounds like she may be having some sort of a seizure. Please insist that she goes for evaluation and treatment. Let us know the outcome. Take care.


a_pough - June 30

I totally agree with Fantod regarding the possibility of it being Seizures. She needs to see a Neurologist immediately! As you were describing the symptoms the first thing I thought of was Seizures. Also, keep in mind that the nerves/nervous system causes Fibromyalgia. So, there is a possibility that there is a more serious problem causing both issues. I wish nothing but the best for your sister and your family. Please make sure she sees a Neurologist ASAP!!!



BigJohnston - July 2

I am very concerned for your sister, please get her to a neurologist.



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