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4 Replies
ripken1968 - February 29

Does anyone have this ? This is how the whole downward spiral happened with FM !!! I am supposed to see an ENT on the 12th of March but I am going nuts. I feel like I am walking on a boat !!!! HELP


JavaGirl - March 10

I"m so sorry you're going through this. I, too, suffer from a lot of vertigo. Mine started late last summer. I went through a battery of tests with the ENT, who thinks I have Meniere's. I hope yours is not Meniere's, because it's a chronic condition. The vertigo comes and goes and really drives me crazy. The only thing I can say is, it's nice to go through all the tests, just to be sure there's nothing bad causing the problem.

Good luck!


raelynn - March 11

<p>I was told in December that I had vertigo ( by my general Dr. and that it was
treatable in as little as 30 min. (yah - I thought he was a bit loopy) but he
told me it could be done it was a new procedure and had had many great results.
So tiered of feeling dippy and unstable on my feet I agreed, all I needed to get
was a soft collar and a visit to him in the morning.</p>
<p>So I went and&nbsp; he had me lay down on my back and then tilted my head to
an angle and then held my head at that position and had me turn on my side till
the queezy went away then rotated to my stomach, and other side. then i sat up
and he put the soft collar on me and off I went. I had to keep the collar&nbsp;
on for the rest of the day and keep my self upright for the rest of of the day
(that ment till 10pm that night). that night I was finally able to get the
collar off ( that was a great relief ) and go to bed. when i awoke i was more
stable on my feet than i had been in years.</p>


lisa1 - March 12

Hello. I am not sure if this is the same thing but I have had a couple of episodes. I was at a bike show with my husband and I all of a sudden felt like I was going to pass out from dizziness. Everything I was hearing sounded muffled and far away even though I was in a room with a crowd of people. I felt extremely light headed. It is really difficult to explain. I started to shake a little and went outside to get fresh air and then I seemed to be better after a few minutes. This happened one other time in the last few months when I was waiting for a table in a restaurant. It was extremely scary. Of course, no answer from my doctor, which is another subject in itself..Does this sound like vertigo??


splonsky - March 22

Take B6 it REALLY helped my virtigo A LOT!!! No doctor mentioned it to me, but other people with virtigo did and my chiropractor did and if you look on-line you find other information. Honestly it can't hurt so try it. I noticed a difference after taking one pill for 2weeks and it only got better and better from there (aka I wasn't getting virtigo as much and the episodes wouldn't last as long)



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