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Vertigo Dizzy Spells
11 Replies
Sally - September 15

Does anyone with fibromyalgia suffer from vertigo dizziness. I have been for a over a year. Is this common. Please help!!!!


Lynne - September 9

For me it is It comes and goes, my mom suffers from vertigo also but does not have FMS. You may want to consult an ear, nose and throat doctor, or speak to your current doctor for a referral.


Lewis - September 10

I get dizzy too. my ears get pluggered up.


Brandy - September 10

I get attacks of vertigo now and then. About 5 years ago, I had one that put me in the ER it was so bad. I have FMS but also am under the care of an MS specialist altho I have not been diagnosed with MS as of yet.


Virg - September 10

This is so interesting. What kind of care does
one get with an MS specialist? I know a GP
just puts up with the symptom complaints and
listens a bit.


mary - September 13

I get dizzy spells and vertigo. Can't stand take offs in planes.


Brandy - September 13

Virg, My primary care doctor referred me to the MS specialist. I was starting to have more neurological symptoms along with my fibro. The Ms specialist is a neurologist that specializes in multiple scleroses that's all.


Virg - September 13

Thanks Brandy, I guess I should read up more
on MS since it's been mentioned on this site.


MB - September 14

I seem to have alot of neurological symptoms also, can you tell me which ones you have?? I always wonder if alot of people on this site have neurological symptoms, well as many as I seem to have. Thank you!


Anne - September 14 has a pretty good list of FMS symptoms with descriptions. Most common ones are marked. Free site.


Brandy - September 15

MB, I started with pins and needles in my hands, feet, sometimes my legs and balance problems. Also my right leg seemed to drag a bit as though it was on a delayed reaction to my brain telling it what to do. I had two bad bouts with trigeminal neuralgia. I wouldn't wish that on anybody it is so painful. I also have vision problems and pain in my eye. My brain fog has become extremely worrisome. Short term and long term memory problems, unable to find words, using the wrong words, mixing numbers out of order etc. I noticed I started drooling in the last few months. Oh and I get buzzing feelings in my muscles. There are other things I can't think of right at this moment, lol. Some of these can be both fibro or MS symptoms. I've had fibro for over 30 years and most of these symptoms are new to me the last 9-18 months.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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