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Venting my Frustration and Fear
2 Replies
FibroGal - August 5

I guess I should start by saying I have been living in an extremely stressful situation for a year now, which has sent my stress and anxiety level through the roof. In fact, my psych. and I have been trying to find the right med. combo for my mood disorder and OCD. We have yet to hit the mark.

I'm so frustrated and anxious right now.

Three weeks ago on vacation, I got a G-I bug which put my IBS in overdrive. Then I got vertigo. My psychiatrist said it's not uncommon to have post-viral vertigo. My PCP says the vertigo is allergy-related because I'm also having congestion/drainage/cough again. So it's back to the Nasonex and Allegra again. I've also had a dull aching pain/soreness in my upper arms for weeks, which is really driving me crazy.

Do you guys ever have upper arm pain from fibro?? Do you guys ever have *any* of this from fibro? I know fibro can cause these things, but I feel so alone.

I worry, worry, worry. Anytime I google stuff, I come across forums with posts that say "Oh my god, sounds like lupus!" Seems like every symptom I ever have can be googled to bring up lupus. I've had a chronic fear of it since I came down with FM. I've had a slew of autoimmune tests including lupus run on me a bajillion times in the past 10 years because of my fears. Thankfully, always negative. I've had a half dozen good doctors dx FM and rule out everything else.

Do any of you guys ever have pain in upper arms? Prolonged pain in any specific place in general that can last weeks?

For a long time I thought it was settled in my mind I have FM. I didn't worry any more about autoimmune stuff. But now, because of these symptoms the last several weeks, my OCD is making me worry about it again. I am FED up. When can I say to myself "It's FIBRO." In addition to the physical complaints, the constant anxiety adds insult to injury. My constant fear and inability to accept fibro for what it is (a bajillion things) makes peace of mind impossible. :(


Fantod - August 5

Hi FibroGal - I can relate to the pain in the upper arms. I have it constantly and it makes wearing clothing unbearable at times. The slightest pressure against that area will cause a lot of pain. As you might imagine, I am not a big fan of the blood pressure cuff. Sometimes it extends into my shoulders and across my upper back. Then I am forced to add bras to the list of optional fashion statements.

And, I can relate to the anxiety thingee too. I am also going through an extremely stressful time. It is all too easy to focus on all of that drama instead of the things that will make me feel better and stay calm. I have to make a concerted effort to stop myself from getting wound up. Not always successful bur I'm getting better at it. I seem to be talking to myself a lot lately....

Here is a suggestion that might help you. I just got one of those sound machines that produce white noise to help me sleep. I bought it from Brookstone. It has three categories for white noise but none for total panic mode (lol). The settings are "relax", "sleep" and "rejuvanate." It has made a difference in my ability to get to sleep already. I am attempting to train myself to relax more with the help of this gizmo. It is an uphill battle but I think it is helping. You have to focus on the noise (there are several choices like running water, summer night etc) and block everything else out. Kind of like the electronic version of meditation. So far, so good. It is expensive (129.00) but you can google "brookstone coupon" to see what discounts are available.

Part of FMS is anxiety so you are not alone with that "perk." Mine takes a periodic sabbatical and then comes back and torments me some more.
One of these days, someone (probably a woman) will find a cure for this stuff and we'll be happy and whole again.
Hang in there - you are not alone. Hugs.


FibroGal - August 6

Hi,Fantod. Thanks for the post and the hugs, too.:) Yeah, now that you mention it, the pain is in my upper arms as well as shoulders, back and neck. Thanks for the suggestion on the sound machine. I will definitely look into that. I'm sorry to hear about your stress and anxiety, too. You spend so much time offering support and help to others here. Don't forget this is a place for you to vent, too. We're here for you, as well. Hugs back. :)



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