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Virg - November 3

Hi Ya All; Yesterday I went to a dermatologist appt. A few years back I got some silly bacterial growth on my chin and my dr then treated it with nitriouse oxide or something like that. She didn't want to do another treatment (why? heaven knows) suggested I see a dermo. Well it wasn't that much of a deal and so much else was going on until I had alopecia and had to see him (dermo) for treatments. I asked about it and he said it would cost $50. I thought I had to pay because I wasn't referred for that specific thing so let it go. It has bothered me off and on. I'd scratch the area accidently and the pain would always be a shock. Looks wise, well makeup dampened the look. Its like a black or dark beauty size mark. But on the chin? Anyway I got the referral for that and a bump on the back shoulder. He quickly went through it said oh thats benign thats ok thats nothing. One whole minute. I asked only to have the chin sore be removed and he said its not covered by your medical. It has to be major. I said to him well it does hurt and times has been scratched etc and wouldn't that cause more infection. He stood back and arrogantly said as he pointed to variouse parts of his chest saying '" Anyone
could say this or this or that hurts". WRONG THING TO SAY TO FIBRO WOMAN. I think I actually raised my head a slight bit looked him in the eye and quietly said. "Are you saying I"m lieing?" Has anyone ever experienced tension fog between oneself and another.
There it was whoa he turned red was shocked that he was accused of something . I got down, got my coat and he stood like stunned and then said oh so quietly that he didn't accuse me of lieing but didn't appreciate and stopped. I didn't bother looking at him but he had his head down and scooted out the door. Then waited as I passed him. All for what. I know this may sound petty but my guy knows me well and even he was choked at the arrogance of the guy who only wanted $50 bucks in his pocket. Said to report him but I don't think so. My eyes actually stung a bit leaving but I feel I won the little battle. Anyone could say that they are in pain A......!


Debra4Real - November 4

Hi:Virg Long time no speak.How are you doing with your new place and all??.What a headache Doctors can be sometimes.You Doctor is an A>>H>>>.You should be proud of yourself for what you said to him.Every time i walk into to a Doctors office i pay for this or for that.It has cost me more than $20.000 in Doctors fees over the past 4 years.And we have OHIP in Canada.What a Joke.Not all Doctors are smucks,but the ones that are ,really add to your Fibro pain and can cause some major stress.I hope your doing o.k. now that you have put the Doc in he place....Take good care.Always Debra.


Virg - November 4

Hi nice to have you back and many thanks for the kind feedback. New place is great. All settled but I have to still do some colour decorating which I'm taking my sweet time about. Yeh I agree with the majority of the docs I've seen are great . And I really am doing fine about dealing with this arrogant one. I am amazed of the cost you had to bare but that puts us into another plane and its probably called politics. Being in the capital city here we live only 2 blocks from the parliment building and my guy is avid with politics and it sure has rubbed off on me. Good things your way
be as well as you can. Virg


Amyloo - November 4

Hi Virg, Well I am proud of you for being the first one to leave that room. I have been left in rooms after being "dismissed" by a doctor and felt quite humiliated. Sounds like you weren't rude but asserted your right to end the visit. Most doctors are fine, sometimes they feel like it is their show to run. I've always thought if I ever met a doctor that said he didn't believe in fibro I would respond with "well, I don't believe in doctors that don't understand fibro" then thank him and leave! Take care, Amy


carm - November 5

Sorry that had to happen to you. If it really hurts or is itchy when touched you need to find another Dermo and tell them what happened at last visit also don't pay for the visit explain what happened to you and you are contesting the visit on grounds of bad bedside manner etc. You have to stick up for yourself no one else will. Good job.


Virg - November 5

Way to go Carm you are absolutely RIGHT. God Bless.


Virg - November 5

Amyloo, thanks so much. It still amazes me how we could all be so nice when we carry so much physical pain.


Debra4Real - November 5

Hi:Virg Thanks soooomuch for you kind words.As always you bring a smile to my face.I glad to hear that your settled in.About the decor well,that one can always be tough.I moved in to my new home 4 years ago and changed the decor 5 times and i'm not kidding.I think it might be a Fibro Fog thing.My Man is going crazy with the changes all the time.He thinks that i'm trying to distract myself from the pain.Take pictures of your space and the furniture that you have and bring the pictures in to a paint store and tell them the type of look that you would like,or ask them what they think might look good.If your buying new furniture,again bring pictures to the store and ask for help.Next year if all go's well i will visit B.C. and i will try to hook up with you for lunch or dinner or something.Youre really a nice person and it would be nice to meet you.How far is Vancouver to where you live??.Driving distance.About the Doctors that i have seen and the cost.As soon as they find out that i have been involved in an accident and that i have a lawyer they hear money bells go off.They treat me like i'm different and they charge me for everything and them some.If i ask for a copy of anything like a simple x-ray report they charge $100.00 or more.That is so stupid.I hope that your new place will bring you lots of Good Health and Good Luck..Take good care of yourself.Thanks Again...Always Debra.



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