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islandguy - November 19

These last couple of days have been a total mess. My wife had back surgery in 1995 with some discs removed and of course it has been a concern ever since. With the discs removed and (bone on bone) it has not been a pleasant few years. But we have had many good times non the less. Saturday morning at 4:00 AM i needed to call the ambulance and have them come to the house to tend to my wife because she could not move without excruciating pain. -- She could not get out of bed AT ALL. She has been in the hospital since and we are awaiting all the specialists, ct scans, mri's, etc to see what the damage is and if she will be able to continue walking and or is there another operation in the making? Herniated discs, arthritis, spinal stenosis and mis alignment is one of the causes....but we don't know which one. Or is it a new one.....? Time will tell as the tests proceed. Of course as you all know I am on the lidocaine procedure (which works very well) but with all the stress, fatique, and the lidocaine wearing off I am in a full flare. !!!! OUCH! -- My next lidocaine treatment is on Tues so I am hoping that it will ease some of the pain.....In the meantime, back to sitting with my wife in the hospital, with a full blown flare. She is considerate and has asked me to stay home to cope with the fibro......but THAT would be impossible. I love my wife too much to not be there for her 100% as she has always been there with me during my fibro flares over the years...
No question here....but thanks for letting me vent !


Wycklochness - November 19

Thank you for venting. As much as you hurt, I think we all understanding your total commitment to your wife, and I certainly commend you for that. At least you are able to use this site to hopefully ease some of your anxiety and I would like to think it has eased some of the hurt. I hope that your wife is comfortable and that all the right things can be done to ease her pain. Take care, and I think I can safely say that those of us who have read your vent are thinking good thoughts for you both. Cheers


JJ1 - November 19

If it were me, I know I would be more stressed if I couldn't be with my spouse than I would be trying to "relax" at home. Some hospitals have lazy boy type recliners for visitors - ask if yours has one that can be moved into the room if not there already. You can get your resting done right there with her.


JoniB - November 19

It feels better to be able to "let it all out" rather than hold it all in and let it build. It especially helps to tell people that understand your pain and anxiety. Sorry for your wife's situation and for your flare-up. It is gr8 that you are both there for and support each other! I will pray for you both and hope things get better soon. Take care. Joni


Gabbie - November 19

islandguy, what an awful time for both you and your wife. You have been here for us many times, vent as much as you need to. My thoughts and prayers with you.


Fantod - November 21

islandguy, I am so sorry to hear about your present circumstances. You need to look after yourself as well or you will be no good to your wife. Do some deep breathing to ease your anxiety. Wishing you both some peace and healing. Take care.


shonlaw - November 21

i am so sorry that you are experiencing this, but i definitely commend you for sticking with your wife through it all. we all know hbow paramount the support from your spouse is in a time of sickness. take care of yourself and have a happy holiday (under the circumstances). soft hugs


lisa1 - November 29

Hello Islandguy, Sorry to hear all of this. Please keep your chin up. You have helped me many times and I am glad to return the favor. Just let me know and keep in touch. Lisa



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