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Vaginal Soreness most of the time--is this Fibro??
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m.e. - August 10

Sorry gentlemen..this is a ladies concern. I have been suffering with this for months and months. It seems worse at the start and end of periods, so I thougt it was hormonal or ph-related. However, I hate to think this is another gift from fibro. I don't want fibro to ruin my sex life too!! I have had yeast issues and one UTI...can anyone knowledgeable about this assist?? I am getting very little from my gyn and she is now sending me to a urologist....not sure that is the solution, but any sharing of info would be appreciated. God Bless!!


Fantod - August 10

m.e. - A couple of things come to mind - vulvodynia and interstital cystitis which are both associated with Fibromyalgia. Look under " associated conditions" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page to read about them. I think that your gyn is correct to send you to a urologist. Take care and good luck with your appointment.


m.e. - August 10

Thanks Fantod. I hope you are well. I was ignoring those 2 topics since I hoped the fibro did not find this area of my life. All they want to do is "jack us up" on more medication! Is that the treatment for those 2 conditions?? God bless and have a good day!



I was diagnosed with Vulvodynia and IC before I was diagnosed with Fibro..
I have problems with this topic all the time. It has been about 4 years since I was diagnosed with vulvodynia. I remember doctors thinking I am an addict when they do a pelvia exam and I am bawling due to the pain. That is real and it hurts! It can get better though. My vulvodynia is mostly at bay unless I have a SEVERE flare up. Then it comes back with the IC with a fire!

Take care M.E.
Know you are not alone with this.
If you would like, we can exchange email addresses so we can talk further



I also forgot to mention that Vulvodynia can be really bad as well. I cannot have sex. I am a 28 year old that cannot have sex due to the burning sensation I get. It brings me to my knees crying.

I don't have periods since I had to have a hysterectomy at age 26 due to endometriosis, yet another condition that is related to Fibro.

Again, hang in there. It will be alright, you aren't the only one with this issue. There are actually a lot of women that have this but are too scared to get properly diagnosed. I was diagnosed by the University of Michigan as they specialize in this condition.


Stacey373 - August 10

OMG! I have some of these problems too! It hurts to have pelvic exams....and I mean it HURTS! I was actually in labor with my 2nd child and a nurse was checking to see how dialated I was (with her fingers) it was extremely painful and she told me from now on to tell the doctors how "small" I am and for them to be more "gentle" with me. I had all 3 of my kids by c-section...but I think that was more because my pelvic bones don't separate.

it is painful to have sex too. I just never realized these were "real" problems! I guess this is something else for me to watch and make sure it doesn't get worse.

Take Care and I really hope this problem will get better for both of you, Stacey :o)


axxie - August 12

Hello everyone, I'll give you my two cents, believe it or not, vulvodynia and interstital cystits can be helped, what you need is be treated with hormones, progesterone applied vaginally once a week and testerone cream again applied once a week. Now I know what you are all going to say, no you can't do that, and very few gyn doctors will know about it. I have had this since I was in my twenties and I have had cancer of the ovaries, and I've been to just about every gyn there is. You need to find a doctor who understand theses hormones and what they provide in your system. Now most doctors will tell you it's dangerous, because you can get cancer. Well with everything else you do, you also risk having cancer, take for example smoking or being obese or overdosing on tylenol that wont give you cancer but it can give you ciresose of the liver. Anyway my point, is I am being treated with progesterone and occasionally I get to use the testerone, well let's say sex could'nt be better. Now if my body follows the want and if my husband sex drive can follow I'd be a happy person. Don't be fool, I still have pain, but it's manageable. Oh don't forget those cream are compound creams, so most pharmacies don't do compound. They are rare but when you find one, keep going there, they are worth their weight in gold.


simpsponfamily4 - August 26

Hi, I am new here and I know this is an old post but thought I would reply. Sex with my husband has been so painful for about 8 yrs and just getting worse doctors have said it was from my endometriosis. I have recently been diagnosed with fibro and they just upped my medicine of carb/levo to 25/100. I have been enjoying sex again. All pain is gone. Hooray!!! I just hope it lasts. I am trying to be optomistic but I just don't know.



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