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Vaginal Pain
45 Replies
January - July 22

abc - I just read your July 20 post (not the rest yet) and have to say I am SO HAPPY for you! YAY! The gluten free diet is hard to learn (it's in 99% of what's on the grocery shelves!) Learning all the chemicals is the hardest part! I just keep my food simple, no sauces, no donuts, ice cream, etc. - nothing fancy. Lemon juice or vinegar plus EVOO for dressing. I eat all the sugar and fat I want. But as you stay on the diet, you don't even WANT that other stuff. It's really just a healthy diet of fresh meat, rice, corn, potato, eggs, dairy, veggies, fruits - providing you can have these things. Some people can also eat soy and shellfish. You can even have some tapioca pudding and gluten free cookies!

An amazing array of problems are caused if you are gluten intolerant - because your small intestine cannot absorb nutrients. I am SO, SO glad you had such a fast response. This is NOT a "hard" diet. You can eat ALL you want. The hard thing is finding gluten free food that you can store - mostly you need fresh food. What's wrong with that! It takes time and energy - and you have no energy when you're sick.

I am laughing about you cooking the egg! I GET IT! When I get a little bit of gluten or have some reaction to something I don't understand (there is something in Amy's Gluten Free food that got to me badly!) -- I can't get out of bed, I can't think straight, my abdomen swells up. If I just eat fresh fruits and meat for a few days, I see some improvement. I make sure I take my multivitamins and supplements. D3 has had amazing effects for me. I also take a good mineral supplement. What a difference from 5 years ago when I thought I was going to die. The more I went to doctors, the more drugs I got slammed with, the sicker I got. Well, now I have convinced some of them that gluten is a problem. I have a suspicion one or two of my doctors has even tried the diet for themselves!


January - July 22

OK, back to respond to both of you. Sorry if the talk of trauma upset you, abc. Jocelyn is right, I agree with her of course. You know best what your triggers are, and what stage of healing you are in. You CAN get over it, but you do it at your own speed and whatever way is comfortable for you. You might want to google EMDR and EFT.

Jocelyn - I have very dry eyes and skin. My new doctor told me to take flaxseed oil (did we discuss this already?) I also think the D3 helps. I rotate between other oils like fish oil and evening primrose oil. I tried borage oil but it made me sick. I also eat regular fat in my diet (no fat free junk for me).

A lot of celiac women have early menopause. At 40 I thought I was pregnant, but it was menopause! The dryness problem in vaginal tissue can be easily relieved with the use of Mayumi Squalene which you can get at a health food store. It is shark liver oil, antibacterial, antiviral and as far as I know fine for application to anywhere on your body. I've read that people have a problem about squalene being in vaccines, they think it causes illnesses. You might want to research that. But I've used it and my friends use it. It sinks into your skin and feels completely natural. Nice for your face, or anywhere else!

As for the much improved GI health - the doctors always are iffy about "what's normal." But I too have found that my whole digestive system works perfectly when my diet is completely gluten free. My brain works better and I sleep better too. What conclusions should we draw from that? Hmmmmm……

I've recently been reading that GMO wheat has been around for a very long time. Maybe that's why we "sensitive" folks have had celiac disease/gluten problems triggered. I've also read that most of the soy in the stores is GMO, and soy has now been linked with inflammation. I've read some other posters had trouble with soy. Maybe organic soy is good for you, but not GMO. Our food supply is so broken. I cannot believe I talk about diet and food - I used to think it was the most boring thing in the world. Until I got really sick, and made myself so much better with nutrition instead of drugs.

Feel better, both of you! It's been five years for me. Improved my immune system, digestion, sleeping, mood, blood glucose and cholesterol! While I still have some pain it is not as widespread. The muscle pain is completely gone. Fatigue is still a problem at times - I spent the whole of last night and today in bed! But if I'm really tired, I sleep. I'm going to find a way around that too!

Hope you are both doing great! We be the Gluten Free Girls!! So glad you are both doing well with this diet. Remember to take your vitamins! : ) And I hope someone else reads this and helps themselves too.


Jocelyn - July 22

Hi January,

It is so nice to hear you are doing well and are on course. I went shopping this week and went back to buying all Gluten Free food as well as organic foods. I do have a soy allergy, and milk intolerance. I have been able to get around the milk intolerance by buying Rice Milk which is also lactose free. This works well with my Gluten Free cereal. My biggest problem is finding foods without soy or potato starch. I am also trying to avoid foods that are night vegetables, that cause inflammation, such as tomatoes, eggplant, and white potato's etc.. I have notice when I use organic cream cheese too much that I end up with stomach cramps, which brings me back to the lactose problem. You are lucky that you can eat so many things that are Gluten Free. I made a banana bread last week. It was good, but I used cream cheese on it and didn't feel well afterwards. So...I am starting to delete foods that are bothering me that I am allergic too and the ones that I do not tolerate well. I have had many food allergy test etc., but they can't test everything, so I will just do my own testing which is to omit them from my diet and see what happens. Since I've done this with cream cheese etc. I know cream cheese is a problem. In small doses or with lactose pills, I would probably be better, but I just don't want to take pills so that I can eat. I would rather avoid what bothers me.

The dry skin and eyes. yes, I believe we did discuss this, my doctor in Boston put me on 1000-1200 mg of Flaxseed Oil twice a day and it made a huge difference with my eyes. I will have to try your suggestion of shark oil ( I will have to go back and get the name from your post) and see how that works. I am also on 1000 mg of fish oil along with the flaxseed oil, per my doctors orders. My eye doctor told me if my eyes bother me in the winter too much, he will add primrose. See, you are already on the right track., as usual.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week end. My mini vacation is ending today and back to work on Monday. Yuk...I hate the thought of going back, getting to sleep and getting up is the hardest thing to do. 5 1/2 years left. I hope I can make it!

ABC...take are, I hope you continue to do well and keep us posted. Have a great week, I'm not sure if you work, if you do. Try to take it easy.


January - July 23

I hope you are not drinking Rice Dream? I have recently read that it contains gluten! The diets are so individual, like our chemistries. I seem to do OK with sour cream, and certain kinds of milk - but I had cream cheese a few months ago, and that made me sick. It might have contained gluten mixed in somehow. Also, I cannot tolerate Ensure any more, since they changed the formulation. Lately my lips are very dry and chapped - I just realized it might be toothpaste - I read an article on this site about "perioral dermatitis" which is linked with celiac disease - but this article says it can be aggravated by sodium lauryl sulfate and several other chemicals - some are found in toothpaste! It also referenced multiple chemical sensitivities, another condition often dismissed by doctors as hypochondriac complaining.

The shark liver oil was Mayumi brand - for the skin. I also tried capsules of shark liver oil for a couple months, a brand called Bell. Just to rotate into something different from my usual fish oil. So you take over 2,000 mg of flaxseed oil for your eyes, and your doctor suggested adding primrose on top of that? Do you ever have trouble with bleeding gums? I've read that too much fish oil can thin your blood. Maybe if you use plant oils it does not do this..?

Hope everyone is doing well and living in a comfortable temperature zone! Our heat wave finally broke, so it's been better!


Jocelyn - July 23

Hi January,

Yes, my doctor has me on either 2000mg or 2400mg of Flaxseed oil each day for my dry eyes (depends what mg's I find available when I shop, he said I could use either or mg's). Plus the 1000mg of fish oil each day. Primrose will be added if my eyes have problems this winter, along with what I am taking now. I have not started on Primrose as of yet. I have not had problems with bleeding gums, but when my husband had surgery he had to stop taking his fish oild a week before the surgery because it does thin the blood.

Oh, if any of these supplements make you sick, if they are a gel cap, you can freeze them before taking them. They will melt in the right place for your intestines to extract the nutrients. I have to freeze all of mine because my stomach doesn't like any of it.

Yikes, I am drinking Dream Rice Milk, I better check it out!

Our heat wave has broken too, but is coming back soon in a few days. Hopefully it won't last as long as this one. Do you live on the east coast? For some reason, I thought you were from Texas, but that could have been KVC.

Take care.


January - July 24

Hi Jocelyn - I did recently read a list of foods with hidden gluten and remember that Rice Dream was on it. I was SHOCKED. You might want to call the company and ask them if this is true. Sometimes Gluten is hiding in chemicals like maltodextrin (if it's from corn it's OK, but sometimes it's from wheat). All I know is I saw the Rice Dream on that site. I recently checked out IBC root beer - because when I go out to one of the restaurants where I CAN get a gluten free menu, they freely serve IBC root beer! They tell me they know all about gluten free, so I never figured I needed to read the label on IBC root beer. I saw some at the store this week, and guess what's in it! Modified food starch. Probably gluten. SIGH. I usually drink A&W and have no problem with that. No starch in it either. Arghh!

I'm on the E.C., not Texas.


January - July 24

PS. Yes, one company told me to freeze their fish oil because I couldn't tolerate it. Did not help. I still couldn't tolerate it. I don't have any problem with the oils I take at the moment, and I figure if my body is getting nauseous, it must mean there's something not right for me in the configuration…. but I'm glad the freezing works for you. Apparently it helps a lot of people - and it's a good point about getting it to the right place in the intestine. Maybe I should try freezing my oil capsules and see if I get better results!


Jocelyn - July 24

Thanks for the tip on the Deam Rice Milk. I will have to stop using it. Do you know of any milk that is gluten free and lactose free?

Geez, I can't win :)

Thanks for letting me know!


January - July 29

Hi Jocelyn. Did you call and check about gluten in Rice Dream, or was it listed on the label? I was not positive it had gluten, I only read that on a site. It's always best to double check these things. If you checked and it contains gluten, that is really a shame! I hope you registered a complaint with them!

I don't drink milk much at all - so sorry, I don't have any suggestions. Maybe someone else will. All I can think of is you might want to check around, read different packaging or call the different companies and ask about their products. Also, someone at a health food grocery store might be able to advise you on what you could safely buy. I am always whipping out my cellphone when I'm at the grocery. I call the 800 numbers listed on the packaging if I'm not sure about ingredients, and if they don't have gluten free, I ask them (nicely!) to please forward my complaint to management, and request that they look into making some food that people like us can eat! The more of us that complain, the better.

I don't know if trying something like Lactaid would be appropriate in your case. I stay away from most milk. I use sweetened condensed milk in my coffee. Of course, it has high fructose corn syrup, which isn't good for you either - but I tolerate that product well, and don't use a lot of it.


Jocelyn - July 30

Hi Januay,
I did go to the website and I did read the back of the carton and it doesn't say Gluten Free, however, I will need to call them to make sure it is or not. I am loctose intolerant and this seems to work pretty well, with me. However, I think I am just going to give that up and have something else for breakfast without mild.

I'm working on it :)

I have been real busy over the past few days, hopefully, things will slow down.

How are you feeling. My hip is starting to bother me. I think I have been sitting too much watching the Olympics! Geez, I hope they won't be in pain once they they get older. It hurts for me to watch!


January - August 2

Hi Jocelyn - Yes! I have been sitting forever trying to catch up on emails, and my hips are killing me! So this will be short tonight! Unfortunately, my experience has been they get worse with age. I did a lot of walking around yesterday and it knocked me OUT. I slept in til after noon today.

As for the rice milk, calling the company would be the best way to find out. I saw the warning about it on something that was circulating on the internet - but you can't believe everything on the internet! If you're not having problems with it, you might not need to cut it out. But if it DOES have gluten, you probably want to avoid it to get the benefit of the gluten free diet.


Lavene - May 6

WOW! I fully understand your pain and thank you for sharing because I've been so confused about how I could be having pain in my vagina. Not married but have realized I was very sore, experiencing a bladder prolapse and now confirmed it includes a vaginal prolapse. The solution will be surgery but there are several tests requiring measurements and testing the bladder and how it responds to being full and how it empties. It's these tests, 7 days apart, that has brought me terrible pain. Having the Dr. or RN manipulate the vagina and bladder during these tests leaves me with terrible and long lasting pain. The Dr. and RN don't understand why I have such pain. The last test was Tuesday and this is Saturday and I'm about to go back to bed because the pain is very bad and pulls on my bladder when I'm up. Feel the need to urinate constantly, but nothing there. Much like a bladder infection. I'm getting very concerned about how miserable I will be after the surgery and how long it will take to get beyond the pain. When my body has pain it tends to hang on to it much longer than it should. My primary Dr. told me yesterday that Fibro causes pain in the vagina. So I went online for research and I found you. Again, thank you for sharing.


Mrst - June 22

Hi ladies new this forum. I have been dx with fibromyalgia for a few years now and I find new issues with my body monthly. But I want to say thank you all for being so candid about fibro and your V-JJ. I thought I was the only one. Reading your post has helped me greatly, now I now I'm not crazy. I itch all over and I have welps all over as well. I will keep a close eye on the post. Again thank you so much.


Overwhelming7 - August 27

Thank goodness I'm not imagining this. I had sex on my birthday n OUCH. Why? I'm so glad I Googled it and found y'all. So many stupid side effects with fibromyalgia I've had it for over 20 years and just recently I feel like I'm falling apart. No one understands unless they have it. Thanks ladies. I feel so much better knowing it's not my imagination. Hugs


hollyshobbies - January 28

I have this issue occasionally. I've discovered that it flares up when I have more wheat products than usual. As far as I know, I'm not gluten-sensitive or anything of the sort. But, after years of ups and downs, I found this pattern.
Another page that I found when researching came up with "vaginodynia." It's an actual condition.



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