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UTI Lead to Fibromyalgia?? Help!
6 Replies
catcrome - July 25

I had a really bad UTI about a month ago, had 3 lots of antibiotics to clear it. As soon as I stopped taking them, I had a pain under my right rib, almost like a muscle was ''burning'' and sometimes popping in and out if i pressed there.

I have a burning ache in my lower back, and across my shoulder blades, in the back of my neck and sometimes down into my legs and arms and pelvis. I also have excess gas and my bowel movements are erratic. I feel like I have flu and slightly depressed and upset a lot of the time. I also get bad headaches sometimes and also have a tight chest and cold like symptoms. Does this sound like I could have fibromyaligia?

The doctor has brushed me off by saying that I have anxiety disorder!!! But I am not always anxious, I feel quite healthy apart from the aching!! I have also asked to go or an ultrasound, urine samples and tests have all come back clear from the doctor. Any advice would be really good as I would love my mind to be put to rest a little!



Katzra - July 25

Researchers seem to think that fibromyalgia can be brought on by illness or traumatic injury. So, it could be possible that the UTI caused fibro. I have read quite a bit about it, some researchers believe this is something we are born with and then serious illness or injury triggers the syndrome. I would continue to go to the doctor and tell him/her about your symptoms, to diagnose fibromyalgia you must have widespread pain for 3 months.


lucky13 - August 3

After the 3 mths of pain, I would ask your Dr to refer you to a rheumatologist, they can diagnosis fibro or other similar issues. A good rheumy can be the key to diagnosis and feeling better


Stacey373 - August 3

Hi catcrome! It certainly sounds like you could have fibro, but Fibro mimics alot of other illnesses. I'm sure you've read all this before, but I will say it again....LOL....

The major symptoms of Fibro, that I believe, are: Chronic pain for at least 3 months (most of us have had it for YEARS before being diagnosed), pain in all 4 quadrants of the body (upper and lower, right and left side), and pain when a doctor does the Tender Point test in a majority of the 18 places where they put pressure.

There are no specific tests they can do to verify Fibromyalgia...and a doctor will rule out all other possibilities before they diagnose Fibro. one thing they can do is give you a blood test to check if you have a Vitamin D deficiency. Most Fibro sufferers do have this deficiency, but I'm not sure why.

My advice is if your doctor won't listen to you and just keeps blaming it all on anxiety or depression...Find a NEW doctor! I spent YEARS trying to get a doctor to listen to me and I can't even count how many doctors I've been to. From being told that it's "all in my head" to even being told I had the "Yuppie Syndrome" which meant I was stressed out trying to "keep up with the Jones'" How completely ridiculous! But don't give up! If your problems don't go away, you know something is wrong, so keep going to doctors until someone will listen to you.

I hope this information helps you...Take Care, Stacey :o)


kvc33 - August 3

Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in the gut and cause gastrointestinal problems. You probably need to take acidophilus pills to restore it. Go to your local health food store. Also see a chiropractor. Illness can put the spine out and cause all kinds of pains everywhere.


hollowsnothorcruxes - August 5

My FMS causes all those symptoms. FMS can also mimic a uti. It feels like a uti, but there's no bacteria in the urine tests & antibiotics don't work. Urell helps with the pain of it. I also now have problems urinating all the time. Either my pelvic floor muscles are too week to hold it, or they're to tight & I can't relax the muscles. It's the most annoying symptom I have.
I also have bowel problems from the FMS. The meds cause constipation & the muscle spasms cause diarrhea. I haven't found anything that helps that.
I also get pains in my ribs. They originally diagnosed that as pericarditis.
They diagnosed me of lots of things, thinking that each pain was it's own problem. After nothing helped, they did an mri to rule out injury, and blood work to rule out RA & lupus. Then I had the tender point test at a rheumatologist. You can't be sure that you have FMS until everything else has been ruled out. So keep going back, get the tests & find out. And if it is FMS, it's not so bad. You have good times, it's not always as bad as your first flare up.
If you do have FMS, there might be a perfect medicine combo for you. We all use a different combination, the trick is finding the right ones for you.


justshea - August 18

It certainly sounds like you have it. I have all of the above. That's how I explain to people what it feels like, it's like having the flu without the fever. The anxiety, I think goes along with it, I take Elavil for mine. It also helps with hot flashes and helps you to have a restful sleep at night. The UTI may not be a UTI, if it don't have infection in it, then it is Interstitial Cystitis, which goes along with Fibro. My gyno actually diagnosed me with it. You need to find you a rheumatologist.
Good luck.



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