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URGENT advice needed - Trigger Point Inj. to stop headaches
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fibrofribros - January 5


It's my first post here and it's nice to hace come across this webiste.

I have had Ribromyalgia for over 25 years. I got all the symptoms unfortunately, including IBS, fatigue etc. a long long list.

What I want to ask is if anyone has had trigger point injections done in shoulder muscles to stop headaches? Their opinions?

I suffer mostly from headaches that originate in the shoulder. This has been confirmed by several doctors, and also through different unsuccessful treatment methods e.g. dry needling, hot water (shower), shoulder massage, muscle relaxants. The pain then goes right up instead of down. Nothing has workded for me.

Now, a specialist says how about Trigger Point injections with Xylocaine and Chirocaine - anyone had experience with these type of medications and injections?

Please advise, as I am due to receive injections in 5 days.Anyone with positive or negative experiences?


Fantod - January 5

Hello and welcome to the site. I have had trigger point injections in my lower back to break the pain cycle. I have degenerative disc disease. My doctor used Sarapin which is a derivative of the pitcher plant. It is a nontoxic (unlike cortisone) compound used to relieve pain. I had two injections in each (6) trigger points. The first one was lidocaine and then Sarapin. It was a very unpleasant experience but ultimately it worked. It took me about ten days to get over the procedure. The injection points were extremely sore. Take an ice pack with you for afterwards and have someone else do the driving. Would I do it again - yes. I hope this information is helpful. Good luck and keep in touch.


kingstongirl - April 11

What City are you in? re: referrals.



My doctor has told me to try to have one of the injections for my neck and shoulder pain but I keep putting it off. Not sure if I want to do it. I got a feeling I will try it sometime in the future if I can't take the pain anymore.For some reason I am kind of scared of having it done but not sure why. Maybe the needle?
Has anyone had this done for neck pain and it helped? How long did it releive pain?Any info would help me to decide if I want to try the shot in my neck. Thanks,


axxie - May 6

Hi fibrofribros, happy you have found our site, we all share our stories and experience. Hope we can all be of some help to you.

I have had the xylocaine shots in my trigger points and yes it works quite well. I also suffer from headaches also known has either shoulder pain headaches. What I found that worked better was a chiropractor.

At first I did not believe in the chiropractor methods but after spending time and money on other methods, I finally relented and went to a chiropractor. What a relief, I went three times a week for 6 weeks and I'm now on when I needed it, some weeks, it's twice then I may go only once and not go for a month. It works. My pain has been alleviated from the head to my toes and I actually seem to have more energy.

On another note I have also tried accupuncture and it also worked for me.

Pretty much what you want will work if you give it some time. I hate the headaches, and I also have muscle relexant when things go crazzie on me.

Good luck on your injections they do work.


diva42597 - May 12

I had trigger point injections twice. They are extremely painful, but in the long run are well worth it. Expect to have one or two REALLY rough days, but the results for me lasted upwards of 8 months. I felt that I was much more mobile after the initial pain subsided.



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