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Upper abdomen pain
20 Replies
Kerrie - July 30

Does anyone else with fibro suffer from central upper abdomen pain? I can't find any reference to upper abdomen pain in fibro patients. However, it is something I am struggling with badly. I have had endoscopy and colonoscopys done and ultrasounds which are all fine. This is probably my worse pain though.

I also feelas if I am not here half the time, its like my body is here but i'm not, is this another fibro thing?


Fantod - August 1

How about a hiatal hernia?


FibroGal - August 1

Hi, Kerrie. Are you talking about right under your breastbone? What kind of pain is it? I have pain there often and it is like an uncomfortable, maybe gnawing sensation. Worse with stress and anxiety. I have GERD and a very small hiatal hernia, which Fantod mentioned.

As for the feeling of "not here," yes, that is definitely part of fibro. It's like a sensation of being detached from reality.


Kerrie - August 1

Yep definitley detached from reality,ok one less thing for me to stop worrying about.

The pain in my upper stomach is about 4 or 5 fingers away from the bottomo from my bra strap and the pain changes sometimes its gnawing and sometimes its a burning pain. I have no hiat hernia.

I do also have mild ankylosing spondylitis in my thoracic spine so possibly referred pain but I can get the stomach pain when I haven't the back pain. I have been to see a couple of gastroenterologists about it and they just say i'm a mysetery! Which is not a great help when you are in so much pain.


Mrs Zozzer - August 1

I get upper stomach pain just under my breast's it feels more like a muscle spasm and the pain in my upper back is like a burning sensation I used to sleep soundly with 5 pillows but now with the constant pain in my shoulders and neck & back I have gone down to 3.


JOEGIRL - August 2

If you mean by not being here but your body is then I have it really bad sometimes. ITS LIKE I am lost or out of it . Confused maybe is the right word?My mine seems to be there and IM here. Really freaky, My family and friends probaly think I am losing it big time. They could be right. Is this fibro fog????????????????


Kerrie - August 2

do you find that your stomach pain is there most of the time?and do you feel the stomach pain as a burning pain? Is there anything that eases your pain at all?


Kerrie - August 2

I would be interested to know if it is fibro fog as it sounds very similar to what i have. I feel like i am out of it most of the time.

I also every evening get a weird sensation in the right side of my head(have had a brain scan and allfine)then it feels like my whole right sidegoes weak and I have jelly legs and feel like I am going to pass out, anyone else have thisone?


freedomwithin - August 3

I get upper abdomen pain so bad that I through up. It radiates up into my chest, neck and head. I've tried alot of gerd meds, I've had endoscopy, colonoscopy, I have mild reflux but other than that I just live with it. Tylenol helps and I believe it has to do with the tightness of the muscles around my rib cage area.


Kerrie - August 3

So did they tell you it is partof fibromyalgia? As my rhuematologist said it wouldn't be fibro causing this and I can't find hardly anything on the net talking about upper abdoment pain related to fibro.

I have had four hours sleep last night as I have been in completeagony with my upper stomach. I had liverproblems when having mylittle girl last year and the pain is so similar but i have had loads of tests that confirm my liver has been back to normal two weeks after i gave birth.

Doyou find anything that helps or bringson the abdomen pain?


Kerrie - August 3

The pain also makes me feel very sick, I was doing alli could to stop myself throwing up last night.


freedomwithin - August 3

I was told it was IBS which alot of people get with fibro. I like you am a mystery to most docors. I don't take any meds anymore becasue I had so many side effects. It can be very upsetting to live with.


Kerrie - August 3

Is IBS pain not low down though rather than upper pain?


freedomwithin - August 3

I was told IBS can be thru out your while intestinal trac? One doc says one thing and another doc may say something else. It's a hard call. It comes and goes from day to day with me. I also get so much pressure in my head on a daily basis that it affects my eye sight. Have you ever had this?


Kerrie - August 4

I suffer with a pressue feeling on right side of head which seems to make my right leg go weak aswell, really horrible numb like feeling, is that what you get?


freedomwithin - August 4

yes! it is exactly what I get except on my left side. My heart starts to race and my whole left side goes numb. I was told it's part of anxiety and the autonomic nervous system not knowing what to do. I have a lot of relaxation tapes that I listen to and yoga has also helped. It's part of accepting the body for what it is to.


Kerrie - August 5

Its really quite scary when it happens though isn't it. Seems to happen to me everyday around 8pm



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