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Update on mangosteen juice!
15 Replies
bella007 - December 22

Hi everyone, couple of weeks ego I posted a question regarding mangosteen juice, well I have been on it for about one and a halve weeks, I don't have any bad side effects, it tastes good ,sort of tangy, I feel like I have more energy, I still have some pains but not as bad as before, I still cannot sleep without a pill. So I am not sure if its the juice or I am finally coming out of a flare that I 've been in since July. Will keep you posted


cherokee - December 22

That's really good News! Where do you buy it at, and is it expensive? I have no energy what so ever. I think I will try some.


AmberRose - December 22

well im glad it worked for you! is it acting like a cleanse at all? because it could be that your getting rid of toxins in you rbody that is making you feel better. I still have my suspicions about as i have tried it...but maybe it only works for some people, becuase my father in law swears by it, allthough my husband and i never saw any results my husband used it for over a much are you taking? because we only took an ounce int he morning so maybe theres a difference there?


JJ1 - December 22

Sounds like it should be good for you, esp. due to antioxidants…

mangosteen is the size of an apple, with a thick rind and interior white segments like an orange, and large seeds. As with many fruits, the mangosteen is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, potassium, iron, and calcium. The mangosteen is not widely available in America, so the juice must be imported. While nutritionists have not tested the countless claims of mangosteen juice bottlers, many companies profess that this "Queen of Fruit" can cure everything from cancer to dysentery to bacterial infections. They base this on a few sporadic studies in the laboratory, or on animals, that have shown positive benefits of doses of xanthones and antioxidants, compounds found in various fruits.
No major studies on humans have proven that drinking mangosteen juice on a daily basis would offer significant improvement in illness. However, increasing one's daily dosage of antioxidants, even from supplements, has been proven to boost our absorption of vitamins and therefore strengthen immunity. Yet, the difference between doubling our intake of antioxidants and increasing it tenfold has the same results. Therefore, mangosteen juice has no significant advantage over a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, as yet.
As a folk remedy, mangosteen juice has been used for centuries in the fruit's native countries, like Thailand. It does appear to improve certain conditions, such as dehydration or diarrhea associated with dysentery, and as a topical poultice to keep cuts from getting infected. Yet it's been widely advertised as having the qualities of an anti-histamine, anti-aging ointment, antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. It's unlikely that mangosteen juice offers cures, but it does make a sweet and tasty, if expensive, beverage."


AmberRose - December 23

jj1 i dunno if you put that on there for my benefit but i allready new that..i suppose cherokee didnt know though


skidoo - December 23

Just as an fyi, mangosteen is often sold under a multi-level marketing plan (that is, pyramid scheme) so you may want to keep that in mind. Xanga, I think that is the name, is one of the names it is sold under. Tahitian Noni juice and Melaluca products are other cure-alls marketed in this manner.


JJ1 - December 23

AmberRose, It wasn't written to anyone in particular, just to anyone interested in the subject. And if it benefits no one, oh well, I tried. I was just wondering myself what in this juice could be beneficial and come on the article quoted. It sounds like it is the same antioxidants that are in fruits and veggies. Still wondering if there is more to it. I didn't know about the pyramid sales scheme, tho, skidoo. I usually stay away from those.


cherokee - December 23

Thanks for the info, skidoo and JJ1. I will keep that in mind.


BRENDA - December 23

Is it really a pyramid shceme or is it like AMWAY, tupperwear, Aloette...etc?


BRENDA - December 23

Since we're on the topic of folk-lore trreatments,...I've got one!! It's (purple) grape juice & fruit pectin, like what you would use for making jellies & jams. You need to mix 1oz with 8oz of grape juice. It has been said to help with arthritic-type pain. The old folks swear by it! I have not tried it on a regular basis yet, but can hurt you. For those of us trying to lose some weight, it will fill you up, so you can use it to replace a meal! It has to be used daily, for several weeks before you see an improvement! Hope this helps!!


JJ1 - December 24

I am not sure what the program is for marketing mangosteen juice. Some multi-level marketing programs are legit, others aren't. I thought true pyramid schemes were illegal. I looked up multi-level marketing on (great source for info) and this is what they say ...................
"In a legitimate MLM company, commissions are earned only on sales of the company's products or services. No money may be earned from recruiting alone ("sign-up fees"). One must analyze the compensation plan to determine whether participants are paid from actual sales to customers and not from money received from new recruits. If participants are paid primarily from money received from new recruits, then the company is an illegal pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

Some less legitimate companies produce revenues primarily by attracting new participants with the hope of reward and selling them products or services of dubious value at inflated prices, as opposed to selling products or services consumers would purchase at the given price without regard to the opportunity attached. One must evaluate the products or services and determine if a significant percentage of consumers would continue to purchase them if the participants do not make money from the underlying opportunity. If the products or services have dubious value or if the participants must purchase excessive quantities without reasonable intent to use or resell said items, then the company is likely a thinly veiled illegal pyramid scheme."


AmberRose - December 24

Im not sure what kind of sales marketing stuff goes on with the stuff, but my father in law sells it or did sell it not sure if he still does, but hes one of those guys where if he thinks it pay him hell do it....i couldnt count on all my fingers the things hes been suckered into selling....i think he still sells least to himself.....i tbeleive they might do that becuase its easier to sell that way ? being that its not really soemthing stores want to sell...allthough that noni juice they used to sell in the corner stores
(sev 11, max) here it wasn't a big seller


smallfri - December 24

I tried some months ago. took it 3x day didn't do a thing for me. got it at Sam's Club. Like one said may work for some and not others. good luck on those that try it.


bella007 - December 25

Hi everyone. thanks for answering back,well since I posted the last update several days ego, I got severe case of IBS, my tummy is so swolenI look like I am 5 months pregnant, really bad cramps and so on.The weird thing is that the usual pains in my legs , arms , back have gone , but now this IBS is here insted. I don't know what to do or what to take for it , need some sugestions from all of you since my doctor is useless!!! thanks and happy holidays!!!!!


JJ1 - December 25

That stinks to have your tummy upset for the holidays. The only thing that really helped my IBS was gettng restful sleep (I am on Elavil/amytriptyline for this). There are things you can do to relieve the discomfort. I used a heating pad to help with stomache cramping and pain. I tried to take medicines for the other probs with IBS, like when constipated, taking something to loosen the bowels, but since IBS can rotate between constipation and diaherrea, then it seemed like a never ending cycle of medicines.


JJ1 - December 25

Oh yeah, if you haven't already you may want to lay off the mangosteen juice at least until your symptoms subside.



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