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Update & A few questions
8 Replies
tnichel - July 8

Hi everyone. I hope each of you is doing as well as can be suspected. Summer is usually a reprieve for me but not this year. I don't know. Fustrating.

So I'm finally moved into my new place. Of course it wiped it out. I've been on prednisone for a month and the doctor is keeping me on it b/c of the move. Now I have a sinus infection, I believe. My body is wore out. It really bad that your drugged up and still can get any relief.

I may have told you all before but the condition my rhuemy tested me for came back negative, so back to square one. Now we're playing the wait and see game.I feel like whatever I have is progressing though.

But getting to the point, I talked to my rheumy about being depressed which I wasn't willing to seek treatment for 6 months ago. And the anxiety which I used to be able to control isn't so easy anymore. He said he doesn't feel comfortable prescribing fibro meds in doses to treat depression. So do you think I should get a primary care doctor or a psychologist? I have to do something b/c of the constant nervousness and nauseau. And I'm so cranky all the time. Oh and I told him I was concerned about being over medicated and he said if anything I'm under medicated. That seems crazy to me b/c I currently take 8 meds a day. I'm kind of leary about the pyschologist b/c I went to one in college and she said I was normal and not depressed yet I walking around campus crying like my dog died and nothing was wrong. Now I'm back to bursting into tears...I can't say for no reason but you get the idea. And I've read the experiences of other people who were told it was all in their head.

*****ONLY FOR LADIES******
Also, I have noticed my scent has changed. My body odor is stronger along with, how do I put it, done there. I take long showers and still don't feel clean. I don't think stink persay but I don't like the stronger smells. Is anyone else dealing with this and do you have any suggestions.

And finaly, where in the world do I find a heated matress pad? It's my top priority.


kvc33 - July 8

I went through the smell problem years ago. CFIDS/FMS causes a hightened sensitivity to odors for some people. You probably smell the same but don't think you do. We also tend to urinate a lot and toilet paper just doesn't get a person clean, so I rinse with cold water with a squirt bottle after every time I go. Baths are better for cleaning the privates, it's hard to get clean down there when you shower. You can also use "baby wipes", just try to get something that's not full of chemicals. As long as you are sure that you don't have an infection of some kind, do your best to ignore it, other people can't smell it.


Fantod - July 8

Hi tnichel - I'm glad to hear from you as it has been awhile.

I think that you should consider both a counselor and a primary care doctor. I would not let what one idiot said to you colour your thinking about all mental health professionals. Just like rheumys, they are not all created equal. If you are struggling with depression than you need to see someone. And, I would like to point out that depression can cause you to think you smell something that is not, in fact, there. kvc33 makes some very good suggestions too. I was eeing a counselor who was extremely helpful to me. I am, however, taking the summer off from all medical appointments. I want to be just plain old Fantod for the summer and not somebody's ongoing science experiment for a change. You've been going though a lot and some extra support could be very beneficial. Call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation to a counselor who specializes in people with chronic illness/pain.

As for your quest to find a heated mattress pad - use Google. I looked; there are plenty of options. Take care and keep in touch.


tnichel - July 8

Thanks the suggestions. I think I will keep wipes on hand. I bought a soap wash by f.d.s specifically for that. But it doesn't take care of everything.

Fantod, even though I have not been here in a while you guys were in my thoughts as always. Actually I was telling my dad the other what a great support system there is here. It was the first time I openly talked to my parents about the depression. Apparently they felt that I was depressed but didn't want to pry into my business. They seemed relieved that I said something.

I would love to go doctor free for the summer. Ugh!!! I totally understand that one. Does that mean you're doing pretty good right now? I hope so. Thanks for always being there.


tnichel - July 8

And obviously my proofing skills are severely lacking today. suspected? Jeez. Sorry. lol.


Noca - July 8

I would get a GP or psychiatrist for your psych meds, don't expect a rheumatologist to prescribe you depression/anxiety medication. What medications are you on right now? I would also fire whatever psychologist told you that you are not depressed, depression and chronic pain are very common. Unfortunately people who treat depression dont treat chronic pain and people who treat pain dont treat depression well.

Get diagnosed by a psychologist then continue with a GP and a therapist maybe to help your mental illnesses get treated.


goddessgurl - July 9

hi there, yes you can get a mattress pad that is heated, i believe jcpenny carries them with remotes for either side so if your married you dont burn up your mate.
i too have had progressive fibromyalgia. i found going to a pain specialist about the pain is better than going to the arthritis doctor. i just went to my doctor and he prescribed me a fentanyl pain patch with opium in it. i am trying it now and it lasts for three days. the only bad thing is i cannot drive while taking it. so i have to resort to the city bus. but they will pick me up at my door and charge less to take me and pick me up due to all my ailments. (chronic back pain, over 15 , they stopped counting, bulging disks in my back and now a nerostimulator in my back to help relieve my leg and knee pain due to the back pain going down my legs.i have been on pain meds for over 12 yrs now. you are cranky due to the pain. if you could get that under control you would feel better. the nausea comes from the pain also. maybe you could work with your pain management doctor to help you relieve the pain. read more of the other symptoms that you can get with the fibromyalgia there are symptoms of your joints flairing due to the other symptom that goes along with fibromyalgia if you are having that. i get depressed at times too.. excessive crying .. your not alone. susan


Stacey373 - July 9

Hi tnichel! I totally agree with godessgurl, the more pain I'm in, the more cranky I get. When you are in constant pain and nothing seems to be helping, Of course you are going to be depressed and in a bad mood. I went through my own little "breakdown" a while back...Thank God I found this forum! My biggest challenge and goal for myself right now is just to always try to stay positive. But I definately have days when I'm just in too much pain and it's impossible to be positive or in a good mood. (those are the days my kids and husband just try to leave me alone! LOL)

I also wanted to tell you that I bought my heated mattress pad at a local store here in the NW (I don't think Bi-mart is nationwide) if you don't want to buy one over the internet you can wait until fall comes and Wal-mart will have them out. I got a king size one for my bed and it's perfect because my husband and I can control our own sides. He almost never turns his side on and I always have my side on! But even if the pad or blankets are too can always buy a heated throw blanket...that's what my Mom uses and it only cost her about $15 compared to the $40 I spent for mine on sale.

Take care of yourself, Stacey :o)


Fantod - July 9

tnichel - I'm glad that you find good support here. I do too. I'm managing hence my mutinious doctor free summer. I did, however, take a very bad fall outside a couple of days ago. I smashed both of my knees which need partial replacements. The right one, which is is the worst of the two took the brunt of the fall. It works, still swollen and varying shades of purple and green. I can walk so I'm hoping that I will not have to see the orthopedist. I was so disgusted with myself. If its not one thing, it is something else. I know that you know what I mean. I think of you often and hope that your situation improves. In the interim, as you well know, we all are all in the same boat and here to help. Take care and enjoy the weekend.



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