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Unusual treatment worked for me
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Pip UK - October 2

Bowen Therapy worked wonders for my Fibro symptoms.
I had had Fibromyalgia for more than 17 years when, two years ago I became bedridden because of nerve root entrapment. After 9 months of not even being able to sit up, in desperation I searched for alternative treatments. The drugs I was given weren't even touching the pain. I tried everything: Reiki, Healing, acupuncture, you name it. Then I found a website about someone who had had pain relief from Bowen Therapy. I'd never heard of it but it turned out there was a therapist near to my home who was willing to come to the house to treat me. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He promised that if there was no imporvement in 3 treatments he would stop.
It was a very strange, gentle treatment; basically he stretched the skin over a muscle and then gently rolled it back over the muscle. Then he waited. 5 minutes. Later he'd do the same again in a different place. I was fully dressed and the whole treatment lasted an hour.
After the first I felt like I had flu and ached all over; same with the second. After the thrid I was ready to give up when I suddenly realised that the previous night I had slept for 13 hours. UNHEARD of!! I'd had Fibromyalgia for 17 years and never slept more than two hours at a time.
I continued for several weeks and eventually was able to sit up and finally got about 90% relief from the nerve pain ( still taking the medication but it was now working.)
I was amazed to find that although I still had pain from the trapped nerve, ALL my Fibro symptoms had gone: the pain, the fibro fog, the tiredness simply vanished. I'd been so tied up with the neuropathic pain I hadn't noticed.
Now, over a year later and no further treatments, I do get the morning stiffness but it doesn't last as long and although I'm in a wheelchair from the nerve problem, my Fibro has pretty much gone. Where you can search for a practitioner worldwide.


Pip - October 2

Pip, this sounds almost identical to what is called "Trigger Point Massage" in the US... and I can verify that it can have tremendous results! Glad you're feeling better too!



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