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trans - November 1

Hi, does anyone else have problems losing weight and trying to get healthy by exercise. I know exercise can help if you can do it but how can a person when they are so darn tired and sore all the time. I am in my mid 50's and very overweight. It really scrares me that my life can be shortened by this but it seems impossible to lose the weight and get healthy,
Anyone out there have and suggestions?????


Fantod - November 1

My suggestion would be Tai Chi. It is a series of gentle movements that acutally give more of a work out than you would think possible. You can buy a DVD and do them at home. Tai Chi is very good for dealing with stress as well. Perhaps that would be helpful in relation to your eating habits. Take care.


Gabbie - November 1

trans. I am convinced that excess body weight magnifies some of the fibro symptoms. I finally lost weight in the past year and have found that although I still have pain in my legs, knees and feet, it's not quite as bad as before I lost those excess pounds. I can't remember exactly what the equivalent is, but for every extra pound we have on us, it's equal to a really obnoxious amount of weight being put on the joints. Since my weight loss, I also have more energy and I think it's because I'm more active and I feel I also have a more positive outlook which means a lot. Weight Watchers has an excellent program and it's not difficult to follow. Walking is also an excellent form of exercise and you can pace yourself especially from the beginning. I tried a "curves" gym and found it difficult to use the equipment, but when I started to walk (slowly and carefully) as time went on, it really helped. Don't let the fibro get you down. You need to believe in yourself that you can do what you set out to do. Good luck.


tnichel - November 3

Interesting Gabbie. I actually feel better since I put on some weight although I can stand to lose 20 pounds since I gained 40 on the meds. But I never had an appetite before my diagnoses and usually ate 1-2 meals a day. That probably made the pains worse. What kind of appetite did you have before the meds?


Gabbie - November 3

tnichel. I still have some really really awful days, but I have had some relief with the legs/knee/feet problem compared to the daily excruciating pain I was having before I lost weight. I still have many other symptoms but I thought that the lesser weight on the joints helped alleviate some of that pain.
My weight gain was a result of the fibro (and lack of exercise), quitting smoking and "changes" so I was in rare form for awhile. I didn't even want to be around myself! I'm also eating healthier, not so much sweets and junk food these days and I believe for me, that also contributes to the lessened daily pain that I do experience. I'm wondering, for you, since you previously only ate once or twice a day, could that be a reason that you felt worse? I think with any health problem, eating a balanced diet each day is very important.



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