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Unexplained muscle pain---Fibromyalgia
3 Replies
Jean - September 9

How many of you have been tested for vitamin D defficiency? It is linked to this.
How many of you have vision problems such as Nystagmus, double vision? the answer to this may be in your meds you are taking. The flu like symptoms you experience? This is and is said to be inflammation. Have you asked your doctors about this and what have they said? could it be that we are being grossly mis-diagnosed? What about Polymyalgia Rheumatica? Same type symptoms. I've been here before, I'm still searching.... Good Luck


elaine - August 31

I have been treated for fibromyalgia and PMR and given prednisone for my high sed rate which indicates high levels of inflammation when the PMR is active...hard to tell by symptoms which illness is running me ragged but the high sed rate is a positive test for PMR. My blood lab tests have never been run for Vit D - the Vit B12 levels were good and i do supplements with caution. Considering magnesium/malic supplement for spasms. I am learning to be my own advocate - Drs. seem to be restricted by my insurance hmo policy. Hope to follow self-help natural therapy as much as possible.random bouts of blurred vision occur - seems worse since a recent bout of shingles that broke out near my eye and left side of face - never a dull moment in this battle!


Jean - September 1

Thanks for responding. Yes, this is a never ending battle. I had this diagnosis for 5 years. Before I was on any medicaton I had double vision. I was put on the medication for Fibromyalgia, meds like remeron for anxiety and depression, flexeril for muscle spasms and talwin nx for pain. after being on those meds for same amount of time I began having Nystagmus which is continuous eye movements as in MS along with the double vision I already had. experienced tremors and panic attacks that I never had before. Flu-like symptoms like what is described in the fibromyalgia symptom book. My doctor took me off all medication and I started taking aspirin, two, two to three times a day. My vision started improving, after two months the double vision was gone. I started feeling better however I still have fibromyalgia sore muscles but none of the other symptoms that caused my other doctors to consider possible MS or other types of diseases. could I have also had the Rheumatica, I'll never know unless I stop taking the aspirin, it's an anti-inflammatory. Medical Mystery....


Jean - September 9

Any other takers on this?



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