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unemployment vs disabilty
4 Replies
Taffythepit - December 18

Hi all,

Yesterday I spoke with Alsup. They said I cannot claim unemployment and file for disabilty. That would delay my benefits for disability. As well, it would not look good with the judge.
During the phone interview, they only want doctors who treated you in the last year. I will have to speak with my family doc and see if he would validate disablity, if not I cannot file file for SSDI. I will talk to him on Tuesday.

Over the years I have seen many doctors to support my diagnosis. I will return to my psychiatrist, and to the pain control center, seeings as I will be paying for cobra. This will add to the list of doctors who will be treating me, and they can submit current medical info to ssdi

My daughter thinks I am crazy to turn down unemployment and live off my savings waiting for SSDI......As it is I will have to tell unemployment I am filing for disabilty and lose those benefits.

I cannot have it boths ways and she thinks I should run out my unemployment benefits.

I alway knew if I lost my job, I would have to apply for disabilty. However, this waiting and going to more doctors will drive me up the wall.

I am having a rough time with this....Alsup also said I will have to see SSDI doctors...arent these doctors working for the government, and are they more likely to deny my health conditions?

Has anyone seen ssdi doctors? what kind of exam do they do? I feel so intimidated with this...

any suggestions



Fantod - December 18

Sharon - With Allsup you will never see a judge. The only people you will have to see are some SSD doctors for a couple of exams. This is done in one visit. The Social Security Administration simply sends you a notice with the day and time of your appointment. It should be relatively convenient to your home. I drove 15 minutes to get to my appointment.

First, you will see a shrink who will talk to you for about 20 minutes to determine your mental state as compared to your medical records. The one I saw asked me stupid questions like name 5 US presidents, a couple of simple math problems like 22 + 4 (don't ask me why) and how I felt on a day to day basis.

The second exam (same day) was with an regular MD who asked me to bend over and touch my toes, stand on my toes, reach, squat and some other pretty silly stuff. I told her I could not/would not do some of the things she was asking due to my physical limitations. Did not seem to be a problem. They also do a simple vision test and check your blood pressure. (The MD was a mess. She looked like she had never seen a hairbrush and the pockets of her pants were completely pulled out of the inside of her pants like wings on either side of her hips. I was appalled. Our tax dollars at work.)

This whole process took about 2 hours. I got my letter approving my application about 10 days afterwards.

You have to decide whether you want to file now or later. You could let your unemployment run out and then get into your savings. Either way, you'll have to use your own money for awhile.

There is no doubt that is is a totally annoying process to go through. It is time consuming and stressful even with Allsup doing most of the work. I suspect that you are angry with yourself for not keeping your medical records up to date with more than one doctor. If you planned to file for SSD once you lost your job careful planning would have made this a lot easier.

If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, stay on unemployment while you work on getting your medical needs addressed. Just take it one step at a time. Take care.


hope4painrelief - March 28

I am not sure what Allsup is but I am on SSDI for another health condition. I think it is a good idea for you to see as many Drs as you can to show documentation. As far as your regular Dr. I would explain to him everything you are going through and possibly ask for your records to see how he documented your records. SSDI will do an investigation into all your health history and while I did not have to see a SSDI Dr. to get awarded SSDI I did have to see one to my reveiws and they also did psychiatric evaluation and you will need to be honest in telling them your pain levels what type of activity you can tolerate, your sleep quality or lack thereof. I wish the best for you and if you get denied then I would see a lawyer and I have known people who have been denied but when they got a lawyer they were awarded the SSDI. Good Luck


axxie - April 1

You can still have unemployment and claim for disability. There is no reason why you can't claim unemployment and still fill Allsup for disability. If Allsup gives you grief on this issue, then they are misleading you, by law you can do both and there are no reason why a judge is involve in any of these disability cases. In any case, not one sectio of the government speaks to the other.


mdak - April 1

I was just reading this and I just wanted to say it seems that my psychiartic history made the difference in getting my social security. I had multiple health problems with chronic depression. They contacted my psy. dr. for the final answer. I hand delivered it and got to read some of it. I didn't have to see a lawyer, but it did take 9 long months. I was lucky because I had long term health insurance to back me up while I was waiting. I could of never made it without it. I still have problems with depression, comes from my health problems. Some days are better then others. I just thank God for getting me on because my mind can be very forgetful some days.



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