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deigodirty1 - July 7

I've been to see a spine specialist and they say my bones are fine but my body hurts all over I was on vaction over two weeks and in a pool everyday for a couple of hours and I was fine I've been back at work for two days and My arms and shoulders hurt the spine doc said that i should talk to my family doc about fibromyalgia, they want to give me pills and I can't do the pills. I'am stressed to the max with work and home I don't know what to do anymore everyone wants something from me I don't have anything else to give what do i do now. The pain pills make me nausated and sick to my stomach but i hurt. the doctors can't help me or don't care I'am emotional,mentally,physically a wreck.


kvc33 - July 8

You must stop. Stop giving more than you comfortably can. Stop working if necessary. Stop doing everything at home. Rest, sleep as much as you can. Stay away from sugar, gluten and caffeine. They further stress the body. Take ginger and tumeric for pain. Your health will get worse if you do not change your lifestyle. You do not have a choice in this. Change or get sicker.


Pikespeak - July 8

Hi! kvc33 is right to a point. Some things like diet changes are a big "pill" to swallow all at once. I have a new book that I am really excited about: FROM FATIGUED TO FANTASTIC by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. If you can't find it locally, you can read his studies at end fatigue dot com. IMHO, attitude goes a long way in getting better. Stressors don't help anyone, FMS or not...Affirmations before sleep can be, "tomorrow I will research one new thing to help me feel better" or "I will remember to take a multivitamin before I leave for work" or "every hour I'm at work, I will stand up and do some stretches." You get the idea...have something new to look forward to doing! This all takes time to figure out, so be patient and don't give up hope!


January - July 8

This may sound overly simple. You say you were fine for 2 weeks on vacation, but the pain set in when you got back to work. Sometimes it's the chair you're sitting in - or the way your desk is arranged (especially if you work hunched over a computer) - that is putting abnormal stress on your muscles. Try changing your seating arrangement if you can (I know the offices aren't always willing to bother with this - but if it's causing you physical problems, you should complain!) Get thee to a good massage therapist to loosen up those arm and shoulder muscles. If you have trigger points, they can be easily treated. And as the others said, learn to say NO to everything that is not an absolute necessity. Try to avoid stressful situations at work. Be good to yourself.

Right now you are sick. Get a handle on it sooner rather than later, and pray you DON'T have fibromyalgia. Sleep if you need to (you don't say if you CAN sleep?), let other people take care of themselves. Explain to them that right now you need a break, seriously! Perhaps this is all you need to pull out of your pain problems. There is no point in taking pills that don't help your pain but make you nauseous. I would also avoid the common "fibro" drugs and other antidepressants that they will probably offer you - until you have exhausted other methods. Those drugs can be very harmful for some people - and you don't know if you're one of them until you try them. Then, they are very hard to get off and you can go through withdrawals that are much longer and more severe than most doctors realize or understand. You have to take care of yourself. It's OK to do that.


Fantod - July 8

You have posted repeatedly about needing help. We have all given you very good, specific advice about where to find a decent doctor, what types of medication may be needed if you have Fibromyalgia (FMS), and the need for a counselor as you are clearly having trouble dealing with the death of your mother. I believe that I have also included some natural things that you could try to help with pain and sleep issues.

We are all very concerned about you but you have to get out of your own way, get help and do what the doctor wants you to do. Taking a couple of pills and expecting them to alleviate your discomfort immediately is not how chronic pain works. It takes time to break the cycle and you may have to try several medications to find something that is effective. Realistically, don't expect relief for at least two weeks and it could take a month or more.

Please take a deep breath and acknowledge that you are sabotoging your need for medical care. The more important question is "why" which is where a counselor would be useful. I hope that you will see a rheumotologist, get a firm diagnosis and get on the path to managing whatever is wrong so you'll have some peace in your life. Good luck and take care.



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