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underarm pain
6 Replies
Stephanie417 - October 1

The list of wierd symptoms just keeps coming.. question is when is it fibro related ?! For the past two days I have had pain in my armpit.. I notice that the side that hurts seems more swollen.. although It is quite possible that it is the structure .. Im scared.. things worry me.. like breast cancer..even if I am only 28.. I also feel strange in my one hand.. its tingly and numb it comes and goes.. Ive had so many past tests and really tired of them.. but getting really scared about the underarm pain and the continuous rib pain.. nothing seems to help for very long.. anyone else had or have similar symptoms of all of the above or even one ?.. any input would ease my mind.. thanks


AmberRose - October 1

I get the tingly numb pains in my hands ..also in my legs and feet...not so sure about the underarm.If your worried abotu cancer you need to get checked out. if you say something your doctors will most surely do something about it...i think they would prefer to deal with cancer more than fibro :) from the sounds of it. You might need a chest x-ray to check out your lungs if your ribs hurt


JW - October 1


Could you have pulled a muscle there? There are alot of lymph nodes in and around your armpit, maybe you have an infection. Do you do monthly breast exams? I wouldn't think it would be breast cancer but you can always go have your doctor feel it.
My hands are burning like crazy right now and hurt. You are not alone on that one!


JJ1 - October 1

If you have actual swelling, I would check that out with your doc.

I also get worried that I am going to let something more serious slip by because I will write it off to fibro.

I see my rheumatologist every 4 mo. and usually just wait to discuss any new weird symptoms with her then. Most of the time, those new symptoms have disappeared by the time I have my next appt.


Virg - October 1

Hi Stephanie417, I just had 2 lymph nodes in my armpit dissappear. My guy told me to go to doctor and I was going to but now they are gone after one week.
In the beginning of my fibro I had terrible
hand and arm tingling sensations and rib pain but I got checked for heart and
breast cancer, and nothing came up. However I'm consistent with my mammograms and do go to the doctor
regularly. My previous doctor (now retired) and I just used to nod and say
"FIBRO" when I had a new thing going on. She kept my blood work up to date and all the info so it was usually easy to
rule out.But if it was new and questionable she'd (and now my present
dr. would get tests done.) So go for regular tune ups and try not to worry.


Stephanie417 - October 2

Thanks to you all for the info and support.. I do have regular exams.. but I am only 28 so Im not able to have a mammogram.. but I do get the exam part.. Im pretty sure that my underarm is not swollen just seems to feel that way.. but visually its not taut or red.. it is aggrivated with some movement.. I just worry to the point of it never leaving my mind..Reassurance to me is sometimes the best cure for certain aches and pains.. I will most likely follow up with my family doctor. . Does anyone know if anti inflamatories help with all of this.. Ive been perscribed, but never tried them.. Thanks again all !


barbar - October 4

If the pain is a sharp, nasty little thing then you may have a blocked lymph node. It's like having a pimple. The doc can go in and release the blockage but usually it just goes away. It's not serious, even though it hurts like heck. Just brushing your hand over it can make you jump through a window, but it's not serious, even though it may be swollen. Take care.



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