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Ugh! The itching!
8 Replies
bbass - January 13

Today I had a traveling itch. It would hit my leg, then my foot, then my face, then my back, etc. I was constantly checking for bugs, even felt like I had a sudden bite around my bra strap area! No bugs were to be found. As I am writing, I had to scratch my wrist, my nose, my back, my stomach, and wait, my wrist again, now my neck. E Gad! I am pretty sure it's some fibro nerve thing and it's driving me bonkers (not a very long trip). I get visited by this itch periodically, maybe bi monthly. Does anyone else have the bug crawling on your skin feeling? I thought about taking benadryl but I don't think it's an allergy. Also having some leg muscle cramping issues, so it's probably all related. Woo hoo.


anniepooh32 - January 13

I get an itch but my doesn't usually travel as yours does. Mine is in my shoulder blades. Right under my bra strap. Drives me NUTS!!! It can last for a couple of days too. I usually have a ruler handy so I can scratch it although it doesn't do any good.

I also get it on my right calf on occasion.

I agree that it is a nerve issue. Unfortunately I don't think there is much anyone can do for it. If you find something that works please let me know.

Best regards and well wishes.



m.e. - January 14

Hi. I have the same chronic itch in the same place, Angie (under bra strap only). My dermatologist called it some term for narrowing of the nerve route. My understanding is that the itching sensation is a cousin of pain...maybe a lesser version. It is SO annoying though, isn't it?


ptalana - January 14

Hi guys, my itch is primarily in my right eyebrow and totally feels like a bug crawling on my skin. It drives me nuts! This itching also travels to the top of my feet, I'll scratch these areas to the point of pain. And still it comes back.
I agree that it must be some kind of nerve thing that's part and parcel fms related. How lucky are we?
If anyone comes up with a way to minimize this itching please let me know.
Hope everyone has a super day, Patty


belle1329 - January 14

Im also itchy (and bitchy), lol in different places mostly my left ankle!


stephanyb11 - January 14

i so get the traveling itches!!! i thought maybe i was just crazy!! it's the most annoying thing...i really notice mine about an hour after taking my pain doc said that some pain meds will cause you to itch...maybe evaluate when you are taking your meds and when the itches come and go...might be it...


iliveinpain - January 15

This is too weird, cause I never attributed this to fibro, but I get intense itching that seems to come from inside of my body, not my skin. Like the sides or tops of my hands and feet especially. It will be so bad that I'll be scratching til I'm red and raw and still itching. It's like I can't reach it, and then the skin gets all hot and irritated. At that point I put ice on it and it usually numbs it enough that it will settle down. Like I said, weird!!!!


Noca - January 15

Antihistamines can help with itching regardless if you have an allergy or not.


Polarbearcub - January 17

I should have been named itch. I have been itching since I was a teenager. I'm now 49. They call me the cat because I arch my back and push when anyone stops itching. I recently figured out I am allergic to Titanium Dioxide (TD) which is in most meds, bar soap (not glycerine or tone), skittles, M&M's, hard gum, most paint, make-up, so many things. It is used to make things white, whiter, or hard. It's in toothpaste, I only use close-up. Sometimes it take two pills to make me itch, sometimes just one. It seems to depend on how much is already in my system. I have to take allergy meds (only 2 did not have TD twice daily and take very few meds. I take thyroid meds and IBS. The IBS has TD so I have to take the allergy stuff. For pain now I am using a Tens unit that only works for some pain. This itching is so bad I make myself bleed and then I get eczema. How much TD determines how much I itch. It starts behind my knees, and thighs. It will move all over, even my head.

The itching that feels like bugs is different from the above type of itching and is usually localized.

if you start itching after taking meds, or bathing etc. Check the ingredients of your meds. If they have TD try stopping them or having them changed to ones that do not have it to see if the itching stops. You may have a TD allergy.



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