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Typical FM?
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ReneV - November 16

Five years ago I got extreme loss of muscle power in my both hands, wrists and arms. Other symptoms were extreme sweating of my hands and when I got tired my hands felt like my skin was burned in water.

After a few months my hands and wrists became very thin, my watch was very, very loose around my wrist. In my worst day’s I couldn’t drive a car (with power steering) because of the lack of muscle power.

At that time the *official diagnose* was RSI, since I was a programmer (easy diagnose). After two years the problems became less, but never went away.

Since 2 years I have a different job (I had to) but now I have similar problems in my feed, ankles, knees and my hips. I can see (not the doctors) that also my feet and ankles have become more thin in the past two years. Someone who gave me several (soft) massages, said I don't know any men that have such soft feet, and handpalms like you have. When I use a screw driver for example, my hand palms get bruised easily because they are so soft. I also can’t sit on my knees, since I can not stand the pressure.

I must say that I don’t have pain when I have enough time to rest, but my muscles are so weak that the easily get overloaded. Training helps only a little and to much training makes things more worse then not training at all.

Another thing is that I have much, I repeat much less problems during spring and summer time. I feel best when it’s warm, sunny and stable weather, therefore I want to start using Vitamin D.

I wonder if:
- Others recognize visual symptoms like thinner hands, arms, feet, and ankles, !not! caused by lack of exercise
- Others have much more energy in the spring and summer season. I start feeling much better from april, and from june to august the situation is quite good and stable. Starting from September my problems start all over again and the period from November to January are horrible.
- Of course I feel tired, at the end of the (working) day, but I feel that my real problem is the lack of muscle power and a weak body and skin



CarrieLee - December 13

We care about YOU! How are you doing now? BUMP!!!


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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