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Type of Pain
26 Replies
Steve S. - January 14

Can Fibromyalgia cause a severe burning pain in face, hands, feet, and neck along with headaches??


Jean - October 19

Are you diagnosed? Some have complined of tightness, a burning sensation, tingling, numbness etc. It just depends on the person. Better to ask a Rheumatologist about this matter. Headaches do occur with this condition.


Steve S. - October 19

Doctors have been doing MANY test, but still no answers, so they think it may be Fibromyalgia..All I know is that it is very painful and I get some relief with Hydrotherapy.. I have a terrible time sleeping and suffer from terrible depression
.. I pray for answers!!


[email protected] - October 19

Hi Steve. I know where your at. first you need to get your sleep. Ask your doctor about Ambien. Question: Do you feel as if your legs want to keep moving when you try to sleep? If this is occuring you need something like Klonopin which helps restless leg syndrome, ask your doctor. Depression and Anxiety comes with Fibromyalgia. I see a therapist because they know how to use and maintain these types of drugs. Most will try paxil or zoloft they are called SSRI's. The side affects bother most people but I am taking Remeron which is easier and with less side affects. Just starting this type of medication takes time to work because you must introduce it slowly into your system so give it some time to work and please do not abrubtly stop this medication. Your doctor will inform you about this. For pain I use Flexeril 10mg three times a day or as needed and also some doctors will prescribe opioids like Talwin NX for pain which you can take up to 4 times a day. But you must talk with your doctor about these things. What I tell you is what is working with me so if something is not working for you are not starting to feel better do not be afraid to call on your doctor and hopefully he is a doctor who communicates well with his patients. A Rhuematologist is good for diagnosing but if your doctor is coming down to the wire you tell him you need to get this pain under control and your sleep under control while they continue trying to find any other under lying conditions. You can e-mail me if you need to talk more. Remember I'm not a doctor just trying to help because I have this too. Are you experiencing any vision changes? Hopes this helps you a little.


Steve S. - October 19

Jean: Thank you so much for the information, I will talk things over with my doctor.. I have TMJ, IBS, etc.and underwent a quadruple bypass 4 and 1/2 years ago and have severe damage to my heart and many alergies to medication so life has become a real battle, that sometimes I feel like I am losing.. So far I have not had the restless leg syndrom but I am having some blurred vision and a chronic sore throat.. I'm not sure what the next step will be in this war but I will do just about anything to stop the pain.. This all started after I had some dental work done in June and the dentist removed amalgam (metal) fillings and put new metal fillings in.. After that the health problems got much worse.. Four weeks ago I had all the metal fillings removed and replaced with non-metal fillings, but so far things have not gotten any better.. I just continue to pray and ask God to help me deal with the pain and depression.. At this point it is all I can do.. Again, thank you for the information and your kind letter.. May God richly bless you and yours..


Jean - October 19

Hi Steve. I hope things get better for you and keep praying as I will also because we need to rid these conditions. Sometimes having dentistry done causes bacteria to go through the system. Did your dentist know of your heart problems? I am hoping that you were given proper antibiotics before the surgery was done because that can lead to heart problems. Do try to get something for depression and just talking to family and friends and here on this forum can be helpful. Now you have the tools to ask the questions to get the proper treatment and medications to help combat your pain. Once that is tolerable I think you will start feeling better. I am assuming that your doctors are giving you the medications for your heart, we must keep your heart healthy with slow exercise such as walking to get it strong of course under your doctors care in what he says you can do at this time and diet. Don't give up it will just take a little time to get better. Your system has gone through quite a bit.Come back and chat and let me know how you are doing. God Bless.


Jean - October 24

I'm sorry I did not answer your reply sooner, but I have been very sick for a few days. To answer your question, yes the dentist did give me an antibiotic before they worked on my teeth. The concern is that the Mercury (50%) from the amalgam (metal) fillings that I had put in and then subsequently removed my have gotten into my body and caused all the health problems I am now having and may well be the cause of the fibromyalgia. We (the doctor and I) are presently awaiting the results of the heavy metals test I had taken a week ago, but answers seem to be very hard to come by. So I continue to pray and ask God to take this pain from me. At this point there is nothing else I can do, so I just put everything in God's hands and hope for the best. Sometimes life can be a real challange. But I have been there before and survived and I am sure that somehow I will learn to deal with the pain if I must, and survive this also. Thank you for your kindness and your answers.
Steve S.


Shaz - October 24

Hi Steve. I have often thought that amalgam could be responsuble for what I have today, but have been told by dentists that even after having fillings removed, their condition has not changed. I have found an interesting article where people with mercury toxicity are treated with injections of DMPS to remove the toxins from the body. Go to MERCURY TOXICITY AND THE USE OF DMPS CHELATION. Let me know what you think.


Shaz - October 25

Thank you for the information, I'll check it out..I was told in confidence by a doctor that over 600,000 people have seen various symptoms (most notably Fibromyalgia) improve after the Amalgam fillings removal. I am also told it may take 6 months to a year. Maybe the DMPS Chelation can speed up the process. Thank you again for the information and God bless you.. Steve S.


Shaz - October 26

Hi Steve. I have been checking out the DMPS chelation and even though Dr.Karl Loren says there are no side effects, there is. The mercurt toxicity forum a must see if you are thinking of doing this. I have also decided to have my amalgams removed but I will talk to my Rheumatologist about the chelation treatment. There are other alternatives through naturpaths but I would like to hear from anyone who has benfited by either treatment.


Shaz - October 26

I have just started taking EDTA (oral chelation) and so far there are no side effects.. It is too early to tell if it is helping.. I will keep you posted.. I think you will be VERY happy you are having the Amalgam fillings removed, I think you will see great improvement in your health in time.. But I am told it does take most people 6 months to a year to see improvement.. Good luck and God bless.. Steve S.


Jean - November 1

Hi Steve. Hope your feeling better , just checking back with you.


Jean - November 3

Still no improvement but instead more test and more questions, now a new doctor thinks I "MAY" have type 2 diabetes although all my test have come back normal.. Now I know why they call it the "practice" on medicine. I guess I just need to learn to live with the pain and not expect to get any better. I have no insurance and I am starting to run out of money, so I'm not sure how many more test I can afford! I'm sorry, I don't mean to complain, but this is all very depressing. I will just keep praying and hoping for the best. If my first doctor is right and this is fibromyalgia I hope there are some answers out there and I can find them. SOON! Take care.. Steve S.


Tonyab1838 - November 3

Jean, sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Have you tried to get on Medicaid? I know how frustrating it is to need things done and not have the money to do them. I will be praying for you. Take care and God bless!


[email protected] - November 4

Hi Tonya, I'm not the one with the diabetes that was Steve I was checking back with him. My question for Steve is Do you have disability insurance from your company? If not get in touch with your doctor to let him know of money problems because sometimes they can help you through trials or pharmacy's for medicine and for tests the hospital may have a program that you can qualify for. Don't give up call these people and ask the questions. I don't know your age so because it makes a difference and it shouldn't. If I think of anything more I'll get back to you. You don't have to live with the pain there is so much out there that can help just talk to your doctor and be eminent about it. Type 2 diabetes if caught in time can be corrected through diet. If it is not caught in time then medication will be needed. Always ask for samples if your money is short and there are other possible ways of getting medicine if you just bring it up to your doctor your problems about money, they can help or show you the right direction to go.


Steve S. - November 5

Jean: Thanks for the information. Even though the numbers do not show it, my VA doctor says he believes I have Type 2 diabetes anyway and is going to put me on medication. He is the same doctor that said Fibromyalgia is a "problem with the head and not the body".. I still FIRMLY believe I am dealing with Fibromyalgia! My former doctor (now retired) diagnosed me 10 years ago with it and at the time put me on steroids which helped greatly.. This doctor (at this time the only one I can afford to see) simply does not believe that the disease exist. He says that the only countries who have people with this problem are in the west and that western countries also have the highest percentage of mental problems in the world.
He came here a few years ago from India and does not really care for Americans. I have no Insurance at all at this time and I am now 100% disabled because of 2 massive heart attacks a little over 4 years ago, my heart now is only 20% working and I am being considered for a transplant IF I can find funding.. I just turned 54 and I feel like I am 100.. But I still believe that Miracles happen and that somehow things will get better.. Have a wonderful evening and thank you again for your information.. God Bless!
Steve S.


Jean - November 6

Hi Steve. Fibromyalgia is a real medical diagnosis at least in my readings and also with the physicians that I've been seeing for my condition. You have had alot going on with your heart attacks and bad health as it is. During my reading and investigation about this disease it is or could be caused by trauma. In your case it is certainly possible. Being a Vetern I would think the VA Hospitals and doctors would give you much better medical treatment for little to none amount of money. Since you are 100% disabled I would think you would be getting disability insurance. I haven't heard about anyone being put on steroids for Fibromyalgia. Some doctors do not believe this condition exists let alone Myofascial Pain Syndrome that some people like myself have with Fibromyalgia and some also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well. I think people all over the world have many of the same problems we do. The only thing is we and they seem to be unable to communicate. It is ashame because there are so many scientists and other medical talents all over the world if only they all could work together to bring forth better treatment plans or even cures for everyone in the world. Miracles can happen and maybe someday there will be piece in the world. I hope all goes well with you and if you do get that heart transplant take good care of it because life goes around and back again. I see you trying to help other people on this site and it warms my heart so take care and stay positive.



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