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twitching all over
10 Replies
Mindy - August 31

hello I have had fibro for going on 2 years now and i have alot of twitching in my legs,arms,head,stomach...its a all of body twitching thathappens when i sit down on the couch or lay down to go to sleep. Does anyone else have this or do you guys just have it in your legs? thanks


Mindy - June 15

Does anyone have a answer for the question? i need to add that this twitching started about 7 months ago and it gets worse and worse.


jeffh - June 16

Take comfort in knowing that these are all symptoms of FMS rather than something more serious. I've battled anxiety and stress for the past six months following very stressful events in my life that led to the weak and hurting muscles that twich like crazy. This is also combined with the loss of flexibility and overall fatigue. I thank God every day that I'm getting better. My wife was to the point of total frustration with this unseen condition that can quickly consume your existence. Try massage therapy, listen to relaxing music and slow down in everything that you do and, if your like me, the muscle twitching, soreness and tightness will subside. Put your faith in God, through him all things are possible including your mind's ability to heal the body. I never gave much thought to the whole mind, body & spirit theory but it is working for me better than I could have ever hoped for. Also, consider a candida cleanse program. This gave me more energy and increased drive which also eased the muscle tension. Good luck and God Bless.


Dee - June 16

I have twitching arms, legs and stomach too! I was diagnosed 9 mos. ago with FM. I posted a question here the same day you the twitching has moved to my eye...drives me nuts! One thing that seems to help with the body twitches is a long hot bath before bad. The muscles seem to relax and I get a better night's sleep. Give it a how it works for you so I'll know how you're doing. Hang in there.....some days are better than others.


Mindy - June 17

Thanks to both of the replies. I also seem to have twitching of the eye some days i thought it was just my crazy body. I went swimming with my kids today ages 5 and 2 and i tell you this is a very bad night. i over did myself i do believe. i have soaked for about 2 1/2 hours in the bath and its not helping. i really dont want to take my pain meds but i know i will have to end up taking them. its bad to me that i have to take meds in order to be out of pain. and my body has a very high tolerance to pain meds so i am on some pretty heavy duty stuff.


marcall - June 18

Yes!! Yes!! Finally someone else who twitches like I do. It drives me crazy. The more I need/want to relax, the worse it gets. It scares my children as they say it looks something like a seziure (thankfully I don't have those). Let me know if you find anything that works. Good Luck


nancy - July 24

I've had fibro. for 8 years. Lately, my left eye has started to twitch. Just the lower lid, and yes it is making me NUTS! I have all the pain that goes along with fibro. and have learned to deal with it MOST of the time without meds. But this twitching eye is really getting on my nerves. Anyone else with the same problem? Thanks


Mindy - August 9

Just to let you guys doc Rx'ed me something that really helps the twitching...Klonopin!! it really helps!!it will make you sleepy for the first week but it does help....see if it will help some of you and let me know...


Mounier - August 10

I not sure if I'm experiencing the same problem, I wouldn't really call it pain, it's more like numbness in every muscle in my body, especially my stomach. I need to constantly twitch, stretch, and even punch the muscle until I hurt it, somrtimes hurting my organs! I've had this since I was a child, and it seems to be getting worse, especially when I'm stressed. I also realized that it only happens when I think of it. I'll try some of your suggestions. Thank you.


Sharon - August 12

My doctor has also given me Klonopin, for a sleep aid, and it has helped with the twitching. I can't take muscle relaxers as they work in reverse on me, but the Klonopin is working very well.


Linda - August 31

Hello Everyone! I'm hoping I've found my answer... I was diagnosed with Fibro 20 years ago! I'm now 42. Honestly, I've never taken it seriously until most recently. I can go on and on about my symptoms all w/o diagnosis. OTHER than, stress, anxiety, and fibro. In short, I started 3 years ago with "seizure-like attacks" (not seizures) I've had every scan you can think of & seen every dr. They don't know... about 2 months ago, I developed severe pain down both arms (still don't know why; (_ and just started with moderate-severe muscle twitching that is painful. Nothing has eased them.I'm already on high doses of Ativan for "anxiety" that I DON"T have... now they want to add valium to it to help with the muscle spasms I also get. ALS type disease have been ruled out. I will continue to follow this discussion and I see my dr. tomorrow... maybe I'll have a new answer for all of us; ) Take care all and stay safe; ) Thanks for reading --Linda



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