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Twitches and muscle complaints
5 Replies
FibroGal - November 5

What are the twitches from fibro like? In addition to having fibro, I do not get enough exercise so I am out of shape. I went out for a walk this morning and when I got back, I was having muscle twitches in the backs of my thighs. I have all kinds of muscle complaints: muscle fatigue, crampiness, and weakness (meaning it's difficult to hold a heavy iron skillet full of food for long). It's my understanding fibro does all this. I've been to my doctor full of fear of ALS but, even though he reassures me, I'm still worried. Can anyone relate? Thanks.


trans - November 5

HI FibroGal,
I can certainly relate, I do not have the strength that I used to have at all, I made adjustments with smaller items. If you have not done already, I would really do as much research about fibro as you can. I just googled fibro and lesions last night a came up with a huge amount of information.

I have had fibro for over 36 years and one of my fears have always been that something else could be wrong and I would write it off to be fibro. When I had my gallbladder attack, I definitely knew it was something else. So try to stay positive and be proactive in your treatment. There was one site I was on last night in which they compared the sympt. of fibro-lupus-ms, and it was amazing how many symptons fibro has in common with just these 2 diseases. It is an auto-immune disorder and I find they are constantly figuring out new symptoms. In fact within the last couple of weeks I figured out a couple of my things were fibro and did not even know it so hang in there and God Bless.


Gabbie - November 5

Hello FibroGal. Yep, I have what you described. I get awful muscle cramping in the back of calves and the bottom of my feet very often when I'm trying to relax in the evening. It's very painful and although it's hard to move around, walking around is the only way I can eventually get it to let up. I've also lost strength in my arms and often have a really hard time trying to open a jar or lift even a gallon of milk with one hand. Very aggravating sometimes, and unfortunately a part of the fibro. As trans mentioned, making "adjustments" to how you do certain things will help you not only to hopefully accomplish what you want to do but to also hold down the frustration level while you are attempting to do something. I wish you well.


Fantod - November 6

Yes, I can relate to your description of the twitching and cramps. Sometimes my muscles are busier than I am. I have constant muscle activity in my legs and arms. It follows that if they are constantly in motion on their own that when actual demands are placed on said muscle group weakness prevails. You do not have ALS; this is a normal response to one of the "perks" of FMS. It is also exacerbated by the lack of quality sleep. No matter what you do, you are always working against some sort of deficit with FMS. If you are interested in combating some of that excess muscle activity, I would recommend 825 mg of Malic Acid daily which can be found in any good health food store. Another alternative are plain old calcium tablets. Calcium is natural muscle relaxant. But, if you choose calcium you should be taking a Tri-K vitamin to keep igt from building up in your bloodstream. I've used both to good effect. If you decide to take a homeopathic remedy make sure yu understand useage and the risks associated with the remedy. I hope that my response is helpful to you in some way. Take care.


cherylAnn - November 6

Keep on walking. Then streach and a hot bath. Never give up.


mo2v8ed - November 20

Hot baths, stretching, Naprosen - when very unbearable - mineral ice... Hot baths and stretching is key! Stretch Stretch Stretch!!!!



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