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Laraine - September 15

I first noticed a problem when a pain started in the ball of my foot 4 months ago, that came on during the day. It made putting any weight on my foot quite uncomfortable. In the last 4 months, I've been dropping things, finding it hard to sleep, although I've been tired when I go to bed. I've been to the Drs, who prescribed me tamazepam to help me sleep and referred me for blood tests for calcium and a full blood count. The results to these came back and are fine. The tamazepam helped for the two wks I took them and my sleep pattern is now much better. My Dr suggested I take B12 vitamin, which I've been taking. Since having twins 8 yrs ago, I have continually suffered neck pain usually on the right side towards the back of my neck and down my spine, which makes it difficult for me to turn my head to the right. Two months ago I bashed my knee on the edge of the door frame which bruised very badly and hurt alot. For the last month, below my knee cap I have had a dull pain that hurts when I kneel. I am also twitching and I don't know why, I twitch all over my body, but mainly my arms, legs and feet. This started at night when I was in bed but is now happening during the day when I'm sitting. I have pain in my fingers and toes, my toes are sometimes numb or they tingle and my fingers throb or ache. It feels like all my joints ache. Could I have fibromyalgia, I did ask my Dr but she looked at me blankly?


JM - July 16


It sounds alot like fibro to me. Have you been tested for MS and other neuro stuff like that? Not to scare you or anything but you might want to rule those things out. However, your symptoms do sound alot like fibromyalgia. Good luck. Write back and let us know what you find out.


JULIE - August 8

Hi Laraine, I too have the muscle twiching, It just started out of nowhere. It is very annoying and frustrating. It makes it hard to sleep. I also have weird vibrations that go down my legs. I had a MRI done of my brain and it was negative for MS.I have an appointment tommorrow to talk to my MD about the twitching, I'll let you know what he says. Try and think positive, I know what your going through.


Letty - September 14

Laraine: I had the same exact progression of symptoms and then some. My journey started with the exact foot pain you decscribe. Then fatigue, twitching, hand tremors, chest pain, joint pain, tingling and even 1/2 of my tongue went numb. I had a complete work up for MS and it came back negative. My doctors believe that with the range of symptoms if I had MS it should have shown up. Now they think post viral syndrome, which I am beginning to think is another way to describe fibro. Most of my symptoms have diminished, but I still have constant (tho not terrrible) pain in my lower back, hip and knee--all on the left side.

Hope this information helps you.


skylar - September 15

twitching and tingling are common & scary symptoms for FM. have you guys checked out the comprehensive symptom list? I am certain it is on there. I have had all sorts of weird stuff like that. It's always FM. there's a reason why they call FM the great imitator. it mimicks all sorts of frightening diseases.


TERESA - September 15

I've had twitching, tingling, & spasms for almost a year now! My doctor put me on Lycria for a while, but I developed swelling of my hands & feet & excessive bruising. I'm now taking Neurotin & it seems to be helping with the tingling & involentary twitches, but I still have the spasms (like walking along with a cup of coffee & the next thing your know your WEARING IT!) My doctor won't put me on a muscle relaxant because of the Neurotin though.


Barbara - September 15

It sounds like a multiple of symptoms reflecting perhaps a number of different problems. The pain in fhe foot could be a Mortons neuroma and the pain shooting down the right side of your body sounds like a pinched nerve. One of the problems with fibro is that it has so many symptoms that it can maks the presence of other, non-related problems. For example, I have fibro but I also have a compressed spinal cord. The two together have common symptoms but require different meds. So, some days the meds for cause 'A' work on the symptoms and some days I need the meds for cause 'B' for the very same symptoms. It's one of the things that makes fibro difficult to manage. In addition, whatever you have, fibro will make it worse and sense fibro pretty much feels like you either have a very bad case of the flu all the time or that you've been in the ring with Muhammed Ali for the past 15 rounds, it's hard to realize when you actually are having a bout with the flu, since that's 'normal' for you. Hang in there, though. Everybody is different. Keep a journal of your symptoms and pretty soon you will start to see your own bio-patterns for the disorder. You'll get to know your ups and downs and your own,persomal symptomology. It will be unique and knowing it will key to your pain management.


Brandy - September 15

Excellent advice Barbara :)



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