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Twice Negative For Arthritis-Fibro?
9 Replies
jacobea - September 30

I began experiancing leg pain, particularly in my knees, following a severe migraine two years ago. I contracted a virus as well that year (2005) and have since been getting increasing pain in my legs, arms, hands and wrists, lower back and chest. I am unable to write very well any more, have difficulty walking far, get breathless, headaches and dizzy and feel sick a lot. I am finding it difficult to do my college work as well because i have no energy either. have been tested for arthritis, and both times the tests have come back negative. My joints have never visibly swollen up, although they go numb even after picking something out of the fridge.

Is it possible that fibromyalgia is causing the trouble?


Tatty - October 1

Yes it is possible but there are a lot of things with similar symptoms. I had a hard time getting diagnosed because I never thought that my stomache cramps and constant either diarheaa or constipation could be related to aches in my knees or could be related to my dizziness and fatigue. You just don't think to tell the doctor who is checking your joint pain that you also have these other things going on.. Did your doctor test you for anything else.


jacobea - October 1

Yes, she did; diabetes, something to do with my liver, rhesus factor, rhuematoid factor, and i had a full blood count. I was also tested for deficiencies, probably in calcium and magnesium, but i am not sure.


JJ1 - October 1

Since you were checked for diabetes, I am assuming the doctor you saw is a rheumatologist. Rheumatologists are the doctors who treat fibromyalgia, so next time you see her ask her about it. I have heard (but not experienced personally) that some doctors don't "believe" in fibromyagia. if your doc seems resistant to the idea, check with a fibromyalgia support group in your area to see if they can recommend a rheumatologist. There has also been recent discussion here about Lyme disease having very similar symptoms (do a google search to find a Lyme site and see if your symptoms match) so that should be something doctors check for as well.


JJ1 - October 1

Ugh, I hate fibromyalgia. Ignore "diabetes" in my first sentence. I meant to say arthritis! Dang fibro-fog.


jacobea - October 1

The first doctor was the one who suggested rhuematism; my second doctor seemes to believe otherwise, although i hope to go back again soon.

I have looked up Lyme disease, as you have suggested, but the two most tell-tale signs (flu-like and rash) I did not have at the time. Plus, it seems to be uncommon in Britain, which is a relief!


Robin1237 - October 4

I think all this is Lyme disease, cause by a bacterial infection usually acquired from being bitten by an infected tick. It inflames our nerves and soft tissues. It loves joints like the knees. Go read at You can post questions there and people will answer you fairly rapidly.


wendy60 - October 6

I tested seronegative for RA factor etc, but I still have it. I do have swelling and pain in my joints though and a very strong family history. Dx is not made by lab results alone, it's the history and physical that count the most. Keep at it, you'll find out what's going on.


jacobea - October 6

I intend to go back next week and ask about it possibly being fibro, but all my doctor has suggested so far is take paracetamol (to which i am am allergic) and do exercise, which just exacerbates the pain and tiredness.


Gabbie - October 9

For jacobea, Your symptoms sound very much like mine and I was diagnosed with fibro. Sometimes my fingertips go numb also especially when my hands get cold. I would suggest that you have the blood tests necessary to rule out any other problem, but what you are experiencing certainly sounds like fibro.



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