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Trying to learn if I have fibro
9 Replies
Susan - August 20

I have had chronic pain for a number of years. I found out late last year it is due to a bulging disc in my neck. 2 years ago I was seeing a neurologist, who suggested I might have fibro. I didn't want the label, so I quit seeing her. This was not denial--it was flat out refusal! Last week, my physical therapist suggested I might have it. I talked to my dr (family practice) about this yesterday. He's been reluctant to bring that up, simply because it's hard to tell with all the neck pain and shoulder pain and headaches I have had. Hw says it's possible, but since I am seeing the physiatrist tomorrow for trigger point injections, he wants me to ask him about that. When I saw the physiatrist 2 weeks ago, he felt I had a torn right rotator cuff, or at least an irritated one. I had massive shoulder pain 2 years ago to the point I could not lie down at all. My neck does that to me as well. The shoulder pain has mostly cleared up, but I have pain in either arm between the shoulder and elbow. I have jaw pain, neck pain and a large number of knots (in muscles) in my chest and back.
Has anyone had anything like this? I have also had severe pain in my forarms. I'm sure I sound like an idiot, maybe not, but I am so tired of hurting, that I have gotten aggressive about managing it, and finding answers to what is wrong with me.


marlie - August 17

I have suffered with huge trigger points (CMP) in my chest, shoulders & back. I've also had the pain in my face etc... if you are seeing a physiatrist he will probably diagnose you with myofascial pain syndrome (thats what those knots are) it is painful as all hell. I have FM & MP. the MP is by far the worst. you do not sound dumb at all. it can take a long time to get a diagnosis. took me 5 yrs. these syndromes are usually caused by stress. what do you need to look at in your life that is making you feel this way? I asked myself that after many TP injections, pills & pain. I started going INWARD & I think I am slowly getting better. as bad as it feels, it is basically harmless. read up on "mindbody" syndromes that's where I started. you will hear people talk about that on this forum sometimes. it has helped me so much!!! take care susan :)


Carrie Lee - August 17

Hi, Susan. I too have chronic myofascial pain. It can be excruciating . Mine travels all over my body and I never know from one day to the next how I am going to feel. You are not crazy, just in pain. I too agree with Marlie about hte mind body connection, Simple breathing excercises and relaxation techniques can go along way to easing up some of the pain, before I end a question for you, Do youo take time out every day for you? You are worth the time try it doing something you find relsaxing, see if it doesn't help. Take care of yourself, Carrie Lee


marlie - August 17

thanks Carrie Lee, that is really good sound advice. the thing with TP injections (had them a bunch of times) is that once you treat one or two bad ones, other ones always pop up to take its place (if you have many & its chronic...) you can spend years chasing them around. they are caused by mild oygen deprivation...this causes the muscle to contract, clam up & get TPs. people who end up with knots all through their body tend to carry the "weight of the world" hence the tension. it is one of the most painful conditions a human can have.


nardwar - August 18

SOMATIZATION DISORDER: the patient has symptoms rather than fear of a particular illness. stress, depression and anxiety converted into physical symptoms that have little or no organic basis. however these symptoms are real and not imagined. this can last for many years and come in many forms and rarely disappear completely without psychotherapy.


kathy - August 19

check out


Debra - August 19

it isn't ALWAYS thyroid kathy...mines fine & I'm fucked over here. put a lid on it already.


coco - August 19

Debra what is it with your foul mouth... it is not necessary to be rude..l

I have grave's disease and am now on synthroid but when i first saw a doc for fibro the first tests they take are for thryoid..

chill debra. you dont need to swear


TERESA - August 20

I to have Grave's disease & have had my thyroid removed. I take synthyroid & my thyroid levels are fine. That was years ago. I now have lupus & FMS. My doctor first thought I has post herpatic neuralgia due to a shingles out break I had ( Im a mess!) My pain was mainly on the right side of my face & the right side lower rib area. When I started hurting all over my GP thought I was faking I think. He sent me to a rheumatologist, but toid me before sending me that "FMS is a non disease & that he didin't believe I had it. The rheumatologist diagnosised me after many blood tests & a physical exam. Its been a long journey with many costly tests (x-rays, CAT scans, even a cardiac cath & I'm only in my 40s') but I now have a diagnosis! I can quit wondering! Please go see a rheumatologist. Maybe that will help you too!


polo - January 26

i just read this this thread cuz i have major knots between neck/shoulder that i can never get rid of...

so this is caused by stress??? somatic pain can actually creat deep muscle knots????

never knew that- geez the plot thickens



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