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Try Apple Cider Vinegar Patti F
4 Replies
pfiinch - September 16

We have beenexsperimenting with apple cider vinegar.1 swallow in a.m 1swallow p.m.
It has settled down my fibro and colesteral and blood pressure.Trust me it has amazing efects.


bwelladjusted - September 16

Hi pfinch,
My family tried ACV a few years back...makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. :(
But I've been trying to go all natural and not use any meds (except OTC occasionally), and I'll try just about anything right now. Are you using the Bragg's ACV? And do you dilute yours in warm water (that's how we used to drink it), or just take it straight? If you could let me know how you've been taking it, and how much to take, I'd love to try it again.
Thank you, and best of luck for you!


iliveinpain - September 16

I'm willing to try anything. Let us know how much to take, and as bwelladjusted asked, if it should be diluted, etc. Thanks!!


pfiinch - September 16

I do use motts and take a swig,but I eat some toast or a little something before.Didn't you have a problem with aleave also.Because it sounds as if you have a stomache problem and aleave will cause that. I use to use aleave and had stomache problems caused by it and stopped taking it.Then things got alot better.
When taken any medicine never on empty stomache unless your Dr. tells you to.At least drink milk if only a half glass but not with acv.You will most definately get an upset soured stomache.
I also am now taking Acai berry and it helps me with the weight and fibro.
Most important PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ nothing on an empty stomache and don't lay down for at least an hour.Everything settles and the gases with cause you so much pain you will hate yourself.This has always been the #1 problems with medicines and people. Your stomache can only take so much acid before you end up with an ulcer or worse.Good Luck my Friend

God Bless and take care


bwelladjusted - September 17

I'll have to try that. Although I do have IBS, I don't think the ACV will really bother my's the taste that makes me cringe! So nasty! But since you just take one swallow straight, maybe I can just swallow fast and not taste it as much! Thanks!



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