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trouble swallowing
5 Replies
belle1329 - February 10

After my episode of my arm sweating the other night along with the tingling etc, (another thread)on left side. I had a slight neck ache(left side) in the afternoon, like a musle thing and then Last Nite before bed, I had a glass of water and a chocolate rice cake. about5- 10 minutes later , while watching TV, I felt like throat was dry, (just got over a cold ) I had also just blew my nose. I took a sip of water, and swallowed, then tried to swallow again and I could not ,it felt like a spasm (left side) and I could not breath from my mouth so I calmed my self and breathed thru my nose and it relaxed my throat and was ok, I still feel dry (left side)and like my throat is going to stick again and I wont be able to swallow. Is this the norm for fibro? do you think it could be something else? I am using saline now to keep nasil area wet. Very scary just needed to vent.


axxie - February 10

I don't think it's from fibro personally, but do know what it is, as it did happen to me once or twice.


ptalana - February 10

This sounds like it could be Mps, Myofascial pain syndrome. I experience this periodically myself and is quite commonly associated with Fms. Muscles tighten and constrict normal fluid passages, causing post nasal drip, even though your nose is dry. Difficulty swallowing is also a symptom. A lot of these symptoms do follow a bout with a cold or the flu. And other times it seems to follow neck trauma, neck congestion.
From what I've read the saline nasal drops are the most effective way to treat and prevent these symptoms.
It truly is astounding all the many conditions that are associated with Fms.
Take care, Patty


kvc33 - February 10

The smooth muscles in the throat sometimes don't work well sometimes with Fibro. It's usually very temporary so don't worry about it. Your throat my also be swollen and dry from the cold. I have a sore throat a lot and use lozenges. You could gargle with warm salt water for throat inflammation.


belle1329 - February 12

Hello thanks everyone for the responses, I became concerned because someone had told me that sjogrens disease is associated with fibro and when I looked it up it did say that. Ill cross that bridge when and if I have to. My neck muscle on left is still sore and throat a bit dry but not as bad and I have not had it happen thank goodness so I will wait until after the cold is completely gone before I worry or get anymore testing done .


ptalana - February 13

There are so many diseases and disorders associated with Fms, many that share the same symptoms. I hope that you feel better soon, with no recurrence. At least you have some info to hopefully help get a diagnosis if it does come back.
Take care, Patty



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