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Trouble speaking
3 Replies
fibrochica - October 21

I am stressing myself out about the latest issue I am having, and was hoping someone may be experiencing/experienced this so I stop thinking the worst! I am noticing that when I am talking, I seem to run out breath quite quickly and my words fade out. I also feel like I cannot take a deep breath. ( I did read alot of people w/ FMS feel like that, but didn't see anything about the talking issue). I lost my uncle to ALS ( Lou Gehrigs disease) in May, and his type of ALS affected his breathing and speech. In fact his first symptoms were like what I am feeling now. I know this may sound strange, but I am hoping this is just part of FMS. I am not pessimistic person, but this is really starting to worry me.

So if anyone has any information that would ease my mind, I would love to hear it.


Fantod - October 21

fibrochica - People with FMS are shallow breathers so your feeling that you can not take a deep breath is not unusual. I find that when I am especially tired, I have trouble speaking. I either can not get the words out, they may come out garbled or I stutter. All very annoying to say the least. For the time being, I would not worry about it. If it gets worse or you notice something else, get checked out. I am very sorry for your loss. Take care.


brooksidefarm - October 21

Nothing to help I am sorry, but remember follow your instinct. If you are worried, do not ignore it. Praying for you!


axxie - October 22

hey fibrochica, I'm a shallow breather and seem to be the norm with fibro people. I also garble or stutter or have trouble speaking. I'm often called to repeat myself, others ignore me as they know I've got fibro. The more you are under stress, from the disease and life in general, the worst it gets.

As for Lou Gehrigs disease, if you have done all other tests, and they came out negative, then the doctor can rule you out for ALS also. As there is no known tests, it's a matter of testing for other diseases before concluding that you have or not.



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