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Trouble sleeping starting to take its toll
11 Replies
david251180 - March 26

I have really huge problems sleeping and am not normally in bed until the sun comes up or sometimes not at all it dosn't matter how tired i am wen i go to bed carn't seem to get comfy and then the flippin legs start twitching and and and anyone else up all night?....


kaye - March 26

Hello yes I have the same problem it is called insomnia. if i dont take my ambien i would stay up all night . the ambien is great . and another thing you might want to try is melatonin it is a herb you can get at walmart.


Fantod - March 26

I have a terrible time with sleep. I have FMS and some restless leg issues, The latter problem comes and goes so I have not been treated for it yet. My list of prescriptions is long enough already. I currently use 30mg of Amitripyline whch either works and knocks me out until 3AM or not at all. Before I was diagnosed, I was using a homeopathic remedy which worked just about as well. Here it is: L-Theanine 200mg, Valerian 200 mg, Melatonin 1mg. You can find this at the local health food store. You may find this a challenge living where you do. To get the dose right you'll probably have to buy everything seperately. I found that it was pretty effective. I get a good nights sleep on Amitriptyline about every 5-7 nights. The rest of the time I make do with about 5 hours of sleep. I am a wreck from lack of sleep more often than not.


JJ1 - March 27

David - are you taking any sleep aids? I take Elavil (amytriptyline) which aids in getting to a deep restful sleep, but I still have occasional bouts of insomnia. My daughter recently began taking melatonin as sleep aid because she takes a stimulant for ADHD that makes it hard for her to fall asleep at night. You may want to ask your doctor about this. It is a non-prescription medication and is not supposed to cause the morning drowsiness you get with some sleep meds.


david251180 - March 27

thank u all for ur comments JJ1 i do get amytriptyline but do not take on a reg basis as this renders me useless 4 days afterwards the only things that help me 2 slp are the very things that mean getting up the next day is much harder than normal lol I dont really want to be takin lots of meds all the time as i h8 the feeling of not been in control and i,m still young. Kaye iv not heard of ambien i will ask my doc although she is worse than useless and i hav a bathroom full of meds that would put most chemists to shame lol.

Fantod sounds to me like ur on alot of meds do u take these every day?...


Iinda - March 27

sleep, how I miss how easily it used to come. It is hard to get through regular life without sleep, but when you feel this lousy it can be unbearable. I have had a heck of a time with this too. david to my knowledge ambien is only available in the US.


Fantod - March 27

Hullo David - Yes, like you I have an inventory of meds that would put a chemist to shame. I have a host of other health problems that will keep my chemist from becoming redundant anytime soon. Its appalling to be middle aged and in this situation. I do the best I can every day and try not to let it get to me.


Fantod - March 27

I forgot to add that I find having a routine about going to bed whether I sleep or not helps. I try to go to bed around the same time every night and hope for the best. It either works or it doesn't. I think having no schedule at all only makes things worse as time goes on. If I can't sleep I read,or play dead (lol) hoping eventually I will doze off. Some sleep is better than none...


Jasen Morin - March 28

David welcome to the club. For the last three years now sleep is something to be cherished. I fall asleep just fine but then I'm up every hour on the hour to urinate. So i get maybe 3 or 3.5 hrs sleep(not all together) a night. I just can't function anymore. I can't find my words or I say the wrong thing. I forget stuff that I shouldn't. Argggggg it's so frustrating.
Do you take anything for cramps and spasms. If I listened to my doc I'd have a full pharmacy too. But I don't, I have 6 meds (which is still to much) 2 for my heart (I was on Vioxx for 3 years, hurray). Lipitor for my liver. Novotrazodone for sleep regulation (this stuff is good it helps the sleep pattern, is no habit forming, but curbs sexual appetite). Meloxicam for inflammation. And my wonder drug Cyclobenzaprine, while I take it I wonder what good it is, but when I stop I find out the hard way. I say this cause at least once a years I get pissed at the meds and go cold turkey. I last about 3 days then I whimper back to my pharmacy. Without the Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) I would be one big spasm. I get cramps EVERYWHERE. Got one in my ears once that was fun try stretching your inner ear muscles. Anyway back to Flexeril, i don't take as prescribed (shush, don't tell anyone, lol) I take single dose all at night. Turns your muscles to mush. If it wasn't for the urinary thing I'd probably sleep ok, or at least like before 4 to 5 hrs.


teresat - March 28

David I don't what this to sound like a commercial, but I bought a 3" MEMORY FOAM mattress topper for my bed. It was just WAY TOO HARD before!!! Now I sleep MUCH better!! I also take Trazadone, Flexeril or Xanax, & Cymblata at night before bed. I still have times when I don't sleep well but seriously I think the MEMORY FOAM has helped the most (the thicker the better)!!!


jdtrust - April 18

I have been feeling TONS better since they took me off of anti-depressants. i would take these with a sleep aid and wake up every two hours to the bathroom. now i'm off of them and take Norflex for pain and an otc sleep aid and i sleep VERY well. if i get 9-11 hours a night i'm feeling very productive and alot happier. i go to bed earlier then my kids now! i also invested in a heated mattress cover that has been working super great. good luck.


aspenpatch - April 21

it's 4:37 am and have yet to sleep. It's a continuous issue here, though there are other times that all it seems the body wants to do is sleep!



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