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Trouble Breathing
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Jocelyn - August 20

Hi January,

I forgot to address your question about trouble breathing this summer. Yes, I have also experienced trouble breathing during this long hot, humid summer. It is the worst summer I have had. I do have asthma, but it usually does not bother me except if I am around, cats, birds, or if I catch a cold. This summer I have had constant problems with breathing. That is why I ended up having x-rays done to see if it were being caused from anything else. So far, it is just asthma symptoms. However, I am having a pulmonary test done in September to see how bad/good my breathing is. My allergies have been killing me this year, as well. It has been so dry due to no rain, so I am guessing that is why. I have had my windows closed all summer and have not shut of the A/C. I'm trying to keep the pollen and dust out of the house as much as I can. However, I am outside a lot in the pool which doesn't help, but I need the exercise.

Hope your breathing gets easier. Do you have asthma? I do know the Fibro can cause shortness of breath. I think that is part of my problem in addition to the asthma.

Take care.


January - August 20

Hi Jocelyn. I did not know fibro caused shortness of breath! (I guess it makes sense because it causes problems with muscles around the chest wall.) Seems like it links up with everything! LOL.

Yes, I was very asthmatic as a child, but haven't had "real" asthma for years. I feel asthma is a whole different sensation - I remember having such trouble breathing for days, I had to have oxygen and steroids. I was very allergic to tobacco; once I got away from smokers, I was never sick like that again!

Now, I can take a breath, but on humid days, it feels like the air is bad, like there's no oxygen. Don't know how else to describe it. Maybe it's pollution from being near a big city. I stay in the AC as much as possible.

I have some old Vornado HEPA air cleaners in a couple rooms, and they really work. But Vornado doesn't make them any more. They tell me they are going to make new models, but last I heard, they haven't done so. I just hope these old ones keep going and don't break down!



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