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treatments and drugs
4 Replies
Maura A. - September 14

I am interested in what people have been taking for Fibromyalgia. If have Fibromyalgia and also RSD. This is what I am taking now.Vicodin when needed, 2 Tylenol with Arthritis at night, Clonazepam 2 each day 1mg each, Oxycodone 20mg 4 times a day, Arthrotec 2 times a day, Cymbalta 90mg a day and Gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day. Now they want to do some changes.Stop the Gabapentin and take Lyrica also take Mirapex and Dextromethorphan in gelcaps, supplement with magnesium an malic acid. Then do a nerve block and cut some nerves and then a IV of Lico. Therapy every 2 or 8 weeks. What are other people taking and doing? Thanks


JJ1 - September 14

You are taking a lot of meds! What are your symptoms? I have been fortunate to have relief from taking Elavil. That is all I take although I was prescribed Mobic for pain, I never took it and it passed the expiration so I threw it away. I take an over the counter pain reliever if pains are bad, which isn't often and usually is not long lasting. I am so sorry your symptoms must be very bad to require so much medication. Good luck. Oh yea, I take Nexium for acid reflux, but I had that before I had fibromyalgia. I am suspicious that my symptoms could be related to nutrition deficiencies from taking the Nexium so long. It has been shown in studies that prolonged use of Nexium and other similar meds can cause B12 and iron deficiencies.


Robin1237 - September 20

I found out my fibro is Lyme disease. Also RSD symptoms can be Lyme disease too. Check out and see whether you think you match what's being discussed. Then you could find a Lyme-literate doctor, get tested, and try a clinical trial of antibiotics to see if you respond. I took clindamycin antibiotic 150 mg 4x/day and my fibro symptoms went to zero in one week.


slovejf33 - May 28

I take norco5/325 up to 4 times a day and effexor xr 150 once daily. I was finally able to quit taking anything for sleep as somehow I started sleeping again-finally after 6 yrs of chronic insomnia, nightly. hope things get better!


Fantod - June 1

You are taking a lot of drugs! I use Amitriptyline, Gabapentin and Cymbalta. I also use Malic Acid (825 mg) twice a day to alleviate some of the muscle twitching and cramping. I use some other holistic supplements as well. I asked my pain specialist about a Lidocaine IV and he told me I was nuts to even consider it. He was adamant that it is very dangerous. I know Island Guy has had the latter done with at least temporary success. What works for one person with FMS may not work for anyone else. I wish you better days ahead.



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