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Treated like crap
5 Replies
MaRiaT - August 8

Since 1:30 am this morning, i woke up with severe chest pains (above my breast) with discomfort tingling sensations going down both arms. It kept me up all night. I called into work, which they told me i still need to find a way of going in. I called my pain management dr, and his nurse said they cant see me, i have to go to my pcp......i told her i no longer have one, my insurance doesnt require one. She told me impossible, that i HAVE to have one. I argued with her for 5 minutes over the phone and told her that this dr knows about this problem, recommened i take 1/4 of my xanax pill, and it is not working at all. i feel worse than ever, and i cant feel my finger tips on my left arm.
she made me feel worse than.ever, i know what is going on, and i know what im feeling and i know its not a cardiac problem
Has any one else been made feeling like crap as if you dont know what you are talking about???


Fantod - August 8

Yes, this is a common problem among people with FMS. We are all treated like lunatics by a lot of health care professionals at one time or another. My stock response is "I live here and I know what is going on with my body."

The nurse was disrespectful. When the opportunity presents itself and you can be calm, tell the doctor.

Sadly, this is all part of managing this complicated syndrome. Try not to let it get you down. That only makes things worse. I hope that by the time you read this, things are better. Take care.


Agavegirl - August 8

Hi Maria - Yes, I have been here too many times. That is unbelievable that they cannot fit you in. I would just go into the office and sit there until they see you. They cannot avoid you when you are right in front of them! Make a scene if necessary and demand to see the doctor. Seriously, if this is the way you are being treated then you should absolutely look for another doctor. Doctors are nothing but "vendors" and can/should be fired if necessary. Respect goes both ways. Most of these doctors have the worst and most combative staffs known to man. This is so infuriating and complete nonsense. It is a shame that we all have to fight like hell for our medical rights. Please feel better. hugs.


MaRiaT - August 8

I did get seen today, i got an rx for some.muscle relaxers. I felt better being seen. I did mention, nicely, that i was almost not able to get seen. And, she said she will take care of it. This stinks, its an.awful experience.


January - August 9

MaRiaT - wow - with symptoms like that, no matter what you thought about cardiac issues, you should have been seen, just in case. Fantod and Agavegirl, you are both SO right! We employ the doctors, if we don't go see them, they don't make money. I find it SO INTERESTING that when you check those doctor ratings sites, most of them don't show ANY bad ratings. That's puzzling and makes me think the ratings websites are phony fronts - or that you can't really post negative info, for fear of being sued…? I also heard about one scandal where doctors were paying to have people at a company post phony "great" ratings on these websites…. so it's down to word of mouth. If you know about a crummy doctor, don't go and tell your friends.

But I also am reminded that sometimes it's not the doctor, but their arrogant idiot "medical" staff that isn't properly educated. I had one excellent doctor years ago - but he just didn't have a good business manager, and the people that worked in his office were dumb, incompetent or rude. They wouldn't answer the phone at times. Sometimes they told me to go to the E.R. instead of bothering to make an appointment. He had one Med asst. who gave the fastest blood pressure readings in history and it was "120 over 80" every time. It didn't occur to me then, but this nurse was lying. She didn't know HOW to take a blood pressure reading, and she was faking it. Another Med. asst. acted very superior as she tested my breathing. When the dr. came in, he read the results out loud, and I argued, "I've never in my life had readings that high." The Med Asst. got furious and yelled "You're making that up to make me look bad!" Excuse me? (She wasn't there the next time.) I think a lot of these people just memorize what the "normal" readings are and never really learn to work the equipment correctly!!! So CHECK you figures every time you get simple tests at the doctor's. I think this a common scam learned at less than adequate "training schools" for some medical personnel.

It didn't occur to me back then that the dr. was letting the business manager deal with personnel. He was a great dr., but he didn't have a CLUE that these incompetent people were working there. I should have told him up front about his office staff, and the weird BP readings, because apparently when he knew about the problems, he got rid of these folks. Meanwhile, how many medical records have incorrect readings in them? Scary, scary stuff. Sorry for the long post.

MaRiaT - glad you're better.


MaRiaT - August 9

Yes, my husband did get on my case that i should have it checked, that one of these days, hopefully it doesnt happen, but i may mistake my chest pains, for a cardiac symptom.

I do work in a drs office, i will admit about the staff and omature behavior. I get so irritated with thier behavior towards patients. For example, we are 3 people short handed, the office rushes those patients in and out, and with attitude. Im the phone operator, which sucks because of my symptoms, i try my best getting the help that people need.



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