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trapezius muscle spasm and severe neck/head pain please help
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hellou - August 22

Hi there nearly 2 weeks ago I woke up with what I thought was a stiff neck on left hand side. The pain was immense and I could not move my head from side to side. Pain killers helped a little but as time has gone on the problem is getting worse. I saw my doc yesterday who said that my trapezius muscle had gone into spasm thus causing neck and head pain. I am also having sweats and dizzy turns and being sick. She felt the sickness was my painkillers and changed me on to coedine which makes me numb and totally spaced out. She also said to massage and use ice not heat. I am still in agony, it is getting worse and worse and getting very low with the pain. It is nothing like i have ever had before with fibro. I am using memory foam pillow but the mornings are awful . I now have terrible ear pain too.Any suggestions for relief will be gratefully received


Fantod - August 22

I am really sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I would suggest that you find an accupuncturist. They should be able to give you some relief immediately. Another option would be a holistic doctor who uses Sarapin. This is a plant based pain killer. Sarapin is a derivative of the pitcher plant. It has no side effects and works extremely well . I have had it injected into trigger points in my lower back to break the pain cycle. My rheumotologist and physiatrist both use it. I don't know where you live but I would start with a holistic physician as my two doctors think outside the box more than most. I think you may have several trigger points in that area and they are just not going to let go by themselves. My third and cheapest option is a holistic sports cream called Arnica. Get the gel form which is available at any decent health food store. I use it all the time. It is good for muscle pain, swelling (which you undoubtedly have from the muscle spasms) and breaking up bruises. Either way, you have got to get some help with this problem. Neck and ear pain are right up there on my list of things to avoid. I hope one of my suggestions may be helpful to you. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


Fantod - August 22

Hellou - I forgot one other option. You can also buy Arnica sublingul pills. They are made by Boiron and also available in any decent health food store. Arnica is excellent for sore muscles. The standard dose in pill form is 30c. Higher strengths are available. Homeopathic medication must be taken in a specific manner. You can not have anything to eat, drink, brush your teeth or smoke 1/2 hour before AND after you let the pills dissolve under your tongue. They taste slightly sweet but basically like nothing. These pills used in conjunction with the Arnica gel may do the trick. As always, be careful using any homeopathic medication. Take care.


Belinda Darrington - September 3

Hi again, I spoke to you about something else a few weeks ago. I hope your pain has eased by now. I'm afraid there's not much I can suggest, except that I know osteopathy helps, and accupuncture may too. I have had this problem for 20 years or so, and is the worse symptom I have, pain wise. It does ease off eventually. I think its caused by tension in the neck. I generally have terrible tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain, and have to hold my head straight on when I'm watching TV, reading etc, or my neck locks and the headache starts. I used to love reading, but although I still collect books manicly, I rarely read now, because of the pain and dizzyness. When my neck is bad, or when I can't turn my head, I find that keeping active is essential - if I just sit or lie down it gets worse. You need movement to loosen the tension which is causing the pain. Also, I have found that pain killers are not enough, you need to take an anti-inflammatory too - I was told that any back pain is caused mostly by the inflammation, so you need to reduce this. I can't usually take ibuprofen because of my stomach, but I found one that you can buy from the chemist which I can't remeber the name of now, but it begins with C and is a big bright pink sugar coated pill (all I can think of is Cuprinol, and somehow, I don't think that would help!!). This one doesn't seem to affect my tum (though I always take it with food). Hope this is some help, and that you are feeling better.
God Bless, Belinda x


conni.tway - September 9

You experience is the same as mine. It took five years and a lot of pain to get a correct diagnosis. Go see a maxicilleo-facial surgeon. Turned out I had a broken jaw from chidhood (thanks, Dad). that had never been treated. Kids break jaws falling off bikes and diving into swimming pools. Eventually, I needed orthodontics and jaw reconstruction surgery - but it fixed the problem 100%. Good luck - I know how painful this is.



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