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toots,fantod & noca thank u
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moodyme - May 12

hello to the 3 of u & any other of my fibro-mates who read this thread. thank u so much 4 your help, thoughts & advice. i think i might b figuring out how this thing works. (im slow, might b the brain fog) quick response & question. yes i am female, just had mess of bld. work, my gp said all was good except 4 my cholesetrol was to high & i was too thin. have had migraines since 5yrs old, tried many meds, even topamax only thing that worked was imtrex & maxhalt. also i take a mess of b's & c vit.
and am no longer on any antidepressants, cymbalta helped some, but went off it lat fall. currently trying alternative treatment. 4 my question, do any of u have any type of skin condition as the result of the fms? tx 4 your help. i better go b4 i get kicked off here. i will ask 4 more help tomorrow. i sure am thankful for all of you here on this site. many good & warm blessings to u all, thank u.


Fantod - May 12

moodyme- You are very welcome!

One of the main things that you should remember about treating Fibromyalgia (FMS) is that it only responds to certain classes of prescribed medication. I am all in favor of using alternative methods but based on your comments so far, it is not my impression that your attempt to go the natural route is not really working. I use both prescribed medication and some homeopathic remedies. I am extremely sensitive to meds so anything that I do use in the pharmaceutical department is considered a low dose. This frustrates my doctors to no end. I'm just resigned to how my body works and roll with it.

I'd like to suggest that you seriously reconsider going back on medication until your symptoms are under better control. Then you can see if you can cut back or eliminate something. Have you ever seen a headache specialist? If you have not done that, you certainly should.

And finally, yes, I have skin problems. I get weird rashes, bouts of extremely dry skin and I am always fighting hyperplasia on my face. Skin problems are one of the many "perks" listed under "associated Conditions" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. I generally refer to myself as a science project in

I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to participate. Your input is always welcome. Take care.



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