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Too weird????
3 Replies
ptalana - November 9

Hi guys, I've been experiencing the weirderst sensation on the right side of my face. Let me start by saying that for the past few years I've been losing feeling on the right side of my face and body. Now for the past few weeks I've been experiencing this really annoying tickling sensation over my right eye. It feels like there is a hair on my eye, but there is nothing there. It's driving me nuts!!!!!
Does anyone else experience anything like this? Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this, my hubby seems to think it must have something to do with the nerves being pinched.
The spasms in my lower back have also been getting worse, and I've noticed a large lump that appears over my left buttock. Any ideas on that? I know my scoliosis is progressing my right side seems to have dropped an addtional 1/2 inch, now there is at least a 3 inch difference between my left and right side. My former physiatrist called me the crooked lady, now I'm the crooked and itchy lady!!!! What a pretty picture, no wonder people have a hard time looking at me. People talk to me through my husband, self esteem is now nil!!!!
Hope you all have a super day;) Patty


axxie - November 9

AH Patty, the little crooked lady, you still have a great sense of humor in you, when people talk about you as the third person, why don't you use that beautiful voice of yours and say something, like, who are we talking about, I'd like to partake in that conversation..... and then smile, that sweet smile (you know that smile, and that look that's says you cross me again, you may not live another day)..... trust me, they will remember to respect you..... another thing, you say people have problems looking at you, who says', we sometimes look at ourselves and have the poorest self image of ourselves, we always see the worst in ourselves because advertisement keeps selling hot babes. Well guess what society isn't that, it's about who we are.

The next time you walk into a room, I want you to look at that room full of people, and own that room, your personality will change in an instant. I still do it to this day, I started this when I was battling cancer, somedays I looked pathetic, and my mother used to say to me, stop looking at the world, as someone who just loss the battle, you take a good look at yourself, you will always see something interesting in you, now you go out there and project that something interesting.

Have you been to the doctor lately to find out what the lump is, and what he can do for your progressing scolios, maybe a new therapy would help.

Fatigue and stress can cause eyelid twitching. This is also known as myokymia. Your eye lids flutter or twitch because the muscle surrounding the eye is becoming fatigued. For example, if you are squinting because of bright light or having difficulty seeing, if you don’t sleep enough, stare at the computer monitor…. All mentioned can cause the muscular fatigue and result in twitching. The best thing you can do about it is to concentrate on relaxing regularly and guaranteeing yourself the amount of nightly sleep that you need to properly function during the day.


ptalana - November 9

Wow Axxie, once again you were bang on with what you said. Right you are that it's more likely my expectations of others rather than what they are actually feeling that gets me down!!!! To this day I have such a difficult time going to any social events, don't want people to see me in my chair/walker. I may be 48yrs old but seem to have aged an eternity in the past few years.
I will try your suggestion about speaking up, and smiling (oh yes I know that smile well);)
I go see my doc this week, hopefully he'll finally do something about my back. I've been waiting for ages to get into a pain clinic and start nerve block injections!!! The eye thing could very well have something to do with lack of sleep, what is sleep????? As a matter of fact just woke from an hours nap and the tickling seems to have abated! Fingers crossed (and toes) that it's gone, for today anyway.
Thanks again for the great advice,


axxie - November 10

Hey Patty, I feel that if I meant you, without knowing who you are, I would be able to pick you out of a crowd, even if the crowd were all look alike, you have that personality trait in you, that speaks volume of beautiful things.....



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