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too emotional/ does anyone else have this problem
7 Replies
michelle J - July 17

I am going through a time where I just dont know what to think .I'm still in sooo much pain that anything can set me into tears. I dont know when it is going to happen but once it starts thats it the night is horrible. I can be in a great mood and WHAM all of a sudden Hello tears!I find that it happens when I'm not busy at the end of the day when my mind drifts off, or if someone says something and it hits me the wrong way. It's not a poor me but I do find a frustration thing.


chaplin - July 17

I've been there many times. Just bursting into tears. Chronic pain and not knowing when it will hit is very emotional and scary. I just went on Cymbalta recently and seem to be less emotional - but I am still in pain so I guess it is helping me emotionally. Lyrica set me off to cry pretty much at anything. Hope it helps to know you are not alone - I am pretty sure that all of us can relate. One thing I realized is that it is important to let those tears out because it helps release some of the stress. I also went to see a consoler - covered by my work insurance and it did me a world of good. Speaking to someone who is just there to listen and you can be totally honest with really helped me. Hopefully your pain get under control and you will feel better days soon.


Fantod - July 17

michelle J - I've been there too. Chronic pain just eats away at your ability to cope with the most simple ups and downs of life. I've been see ing a counselor for a while and it has been very helpful. One of the hardest things to deal with is that from the outside you look fine. Unless someone has to walk in your shoes no one really understands how horrible FMS is to live with daily. I'd like to gently encourage you to consider seeing someone for some unbiased emotional support and help.

As I recall, I believe that you are still fairly new to FMS. Did you get in to see anyone at Mass General? Have they started you on any meds? It can take several months to find the right combination of medication. And, even then it is not perfect. Hang in there - you are not alone.
Take care and God bless.


L Light - July 22

Michelle, so sorry to hear of your struggles, as FM certainly can put you in a position of feeling like you are so alone with the incessant challenges it brings. I've had FM since 2006 and have found ways to deal with it outside of medication (only on profound flare-ups / pain meds and anti-inflamatories). It is important to know that FM is known for the awful anxiety, insomnia, etc that it provides, giving us so little to work with, thus causing the mood swings, scary moments, etc.

When you can come to terms with what 'exactly' you are having to deal with, things seem to lighten up a tad. In other words, working on your inner quietness with whatever gentle means you can provide for yourself, seems to make this a much more cope-able process.

Inspirational reading, music, quiet space, etc really do help... Hope some of this helps and I'm here if you want talk with you further.

Hugs ...
Laurel (L Light)


L Light - July 25


I responded briefly to your writing here and thought I might additionally share something I wrote ... hope it helps.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

After reading the blogs in some of these chat rooms, with much heart, I felt compelled to write. I was so astounded by the amount of women on medication (suffering the awful side effects - physically and emotionally), uninformed in understanding FM's hideous true nature, and frustrated by the lack of genuine understanding and support from the medical system. I want to take this opportunity to share the knowledge I have experienced 'first hand' and learned over time. I have had FM since 2006 and truly have learned to respect the depth of the message behind it.

Not all people share the desire of reasonable independence in health care; avoidance of the medical system 'taking charge' of your life. For those that do, I hope you find the following information helpful and somewhat relieving. If you would like to discuss further understanding in working with FM, I would be most pleased to talk with you. You can reach me at: natureintime at gmail dot com.

FM is becoming well-known as a condition that researchers and individuals who have experienced it, believe may be related to chronic fatigue syndrome. Reportedly muscles begin to ache in response to stress, lack of sleep, an injury or infection, or another trauma or disease. Pain might develop gradually and affect a wide area, or it may come on suddenly and sharply in specific areas. You might feel burning, stiffness, shooting pain, or an overall throbbing sensation. The soreness can center on the shoulders, the hip or upper thigh muscles, or the elbows and knees.

Perhaps FM's most distinguishable features are that the aches are often accompanied by anxiety, depression, fatigue, or an inability to sleep (thus making healing virtually 'un-cope-able' at times). Doctors often call the sleep disturbances non-restorative sleep; you may be able to drop off, but when you awake you don't feel rested. In fact, you may be even more fatigued. Sometimes intermittent sleep patterns accompany this condition, only to worsen the symptoms overall.

Symptoms of FM may worsen during periods of stress, overexertion, trauma, extreme temperature, infection, or emotional crisis. Although FM isn't dangerous or life-threatening, it can be very disruptive. Curiously, it is seldom seen outside of Western industrialized countries, leading researchers and people with FM to theorize that lifestyle or dietary factors play a role.

Unfortunately, FM is easily mistaken for other kinds of pain. But anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen seldom lessen FM pain.

*** As an individual who has experienced FM since 2006, in some profoundly disturbing ways (i.e. swelling of knees, inability to walk, awful anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.), I tell all of you, there is definite "light" at the end of this tunnel in life. I have not used 'any' of the new drugs put on the market and have come through each 'flare-up' or 'episode' with a better and clearer understanding of how my body is dealing and coping with each crisis period. At my absolute worst periods (twice) I took prednisone to bring the swelling down in my knees and intermittently have taken pain medication when absolutely in need. Bottom line, your personal understanding is your best remedy and future healing potential.


JOEGIRL - July 25

michelle, I know where you coming from and so does everyone on this board.
I just have to say that I never thought about going to see a consoler but maybe I will now.
I will say, this board has really been a great place to vent and has helped me a lot.
All you guys are great and since we are all in the same boat we understand each other. Knowing that I am not by myself thru all this has really been a blessing. Thanks,,,


michelle J - July 26

Thank you to everyone who has responded. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone on this it is very frustrating trying to get this in control plus now I have my father in hospice with cancer all over I have been having the worst flair up ever my hips,arms ,knees ,back and my ribs all hurt soo much and i dont know what to do to help calm the body with little time to do it.I have been waiting to see the doctor so hopefully I can have my meds all adjusted and maybe add a antidressant. Does anyone have ANY ideas on what works to help relax you .


fibrofreaked - August 5

I have been emotional as well. I was watching a movie (the one where the Rock is a football star who finds he has young daughter). She said she just wanted to go home... I started welling up and I had just turned on the tv. I start sobbing much to the embarassment of my teenage son who is leaving for college next week. His friend begins to laugh outright at the craziness of the scene! I find myself flip flopping from happy to sad to mad to the point that i wonder if I'm bipolar.



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