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Tongue Twitch - please say I'm not alone
9 Replies
Bailey2009 - November 28

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago together with systemic lupus. I have recently had a negative blood result for my lupus so it has gone into remission thank God. However, my main problem is a twitch on my tongue. I have been seeing a neurologist who says it is benign and nothing to worry about but it is very uncomfortable and is making me very stressed as he says he has not seen any other person with this! Have any of you experienced this and have you any treatment recommendations please? At the moment I have diazepam 2mg 'to help me cope' but I don't want to become dependant on tranquilisers if I can help it. Many thanks.


deadgamegrrl - November 29

I know you are really freaked out about this, but I would try to relax. Ironically, anxiety is one of the main causes of tongue-twitch. I don't have this, although most of my other muscles twitch randomly, but twitching is different for everyone.
I know why you are scared, and I really don't think you need to be, especially since your neuro told you not to worry. Hang in there!


Bailey2009 - November 29

Thank you so much for your positive reply. I take it you have heard of tongue twitching then? I am not a freak?!! I know that when i am anxious it is much worse so I need to learn to chill out. The twitching everywhere else doesn't bother me - just here.

Thanks again.


slb71 - November 29

hello bailey2009 - i have experienced tongue twitching also. not as much as you have apparently but it was very scary to me the first time it happened. i have twitching all over at times and jerking when i am drifting off to sleep. as far as my tongue goes, its only happened a few times and my neuro has me on lamectil for twitching. it doesn't seem to be helping very much, stress is a big factor me me as well. how often does your tongue twitch? i know it's hard sometimes but try to stay positive!




I am sorry to hear you are having a issue with tongue twitching.. I have lots of twitching and jerking of my nerves and muscles. But haven't experienced this in my tongue. I hope this gets better and more manageable for you.
Take Care



Bailey2009 - November 29

Hi slb71,

Thank you for your reply. It's nice to know that I'm not alone! It happens in periods of a couple of weeks on, a couple of weeks off. Randomly throughout the day. Think I will be on anti depressants from January as the neuro says they may help. Also having botox injections in my scalp as I have bad headaches too.

Thanks again.


slb71 - November 30

have you having the botox injections now or is that something you will be doing soon? i'd be interested to hear how that benefits you. hope you're having a better day today.


Bailey2009 - November 30

My neuro is switching my meds in Jan and arranging the injections in the New Year too. I have had a better day today thank you. I will certainly post how the treatment affects me. Best wishes to you for good days too :)


Fantod - December 1

Bailey2009 - Have you tried Malic Acid? It helps with twitching and cramping and is recommended for people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). It comes in capsules. You can find it at any decent health food store. When I was first diagnosed with FMS my muscles were cramping and twitching like crazy. Malic Acid really helped settle things down. I hope that this information is helpful to you. Take care.


Bailey2009 - December 1

Thank you - I will definately give Malic Acid a try. Am willing to try anything that people recommend.

Many thanks.



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