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Kay25 - April 16

I have quite a few symptoms with my tongue:

Very stingy and sore to touch like I've ate salt and vinegar crisps - a few ulcers too

Twitching of the tongue

Stiffness in the tongue which makes it difficult to talk sometimes so I slur

Muscular pain in it too

Anyone else?


crafter8 - April 17

I had this very issue about a month ago for 10 days at least. i thought it was from eating a ton of crackers, but of course it was fibro . Helped me with my diet,LOL.


JOEGIRL - April 18

I have never had any trouble with my tongue and now that I think about it , that might be the place in my body that hasn't bothered me. Maybe I am spared that one but I feel for you. Doesn't sound like it be anything nice. What does your doctor say about it?


chowda72 - October 7

I also have this issue, I also get a wicked blister type sore on my lip. Sometimes it feels like someone sprayed pepper spray in my mouth. I was diaginosed with burning mouth syndrom. Its an autoimmune disorder (i also have hashimoto's disease) where the ammuine system attacks itself and it apperars in the mouth. When I'm under a wicked lot of stress is when i get break outs of soars.


fibro78957 - October 8

I have had the same thing occur with my tongue several times over the past few years. I develop sore spots and it makes it difficult to talk and eat. I didn't know at the time that I had fibro since I was just diagnosed a month and a half ago.


iliveinpain - October 8

Yes, I wrote about this on the post for 'mouth sores', but I get blisters along the sides of my tongue too. Your dentist can give you a rinse for this that helps. It's not over the counter, you'll need a prescription for it.


Kayhlan - October 12

Hello! First, I'm so glad to have found this forum, it is just what I've been needing for so long. So much of what I've read here has really helped me. Thanks for all of your posts!

As for my tongue, I've had what is called a "geographical tongue" for decades. The ulcers tat erupt have always prevented me from being able to eat many of the foods I love. When I get overly stressed, my tongue swells and ulcers fill my mouth, on the tongue as well as the inside of my cheeks and lips. I have breakouts around six times a year and they last between four and ten days. NOT FUN. I empathize with anyone who has to deal with this.



chaplin - October 12

Wow very interesting to read
I also have had this happen to many times
my dr has given me a rince for this that helps a lot.
If anyone wants the name of it i'll post it



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